Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gleek Peek: Valentine's Day

I'm not sure what I thought about Glee's Valentine's Day episode.  It was just kind of... meh.  I was happy to see Samuel Larsen from The Glee Project make his debut as religious kid Joe, and finally meeting Rachel's fathers was interesting.  But other than that?  Meh.

Rory and Artie competing for Sugar's attentions was contrived, the "God Squad" and the Santana/Brittany's fight for the right to kiss in public were dull, and where was Sue Sylvester?  I did like the parental plot to break off Finchel's engagement; unfortunately it backfired, but we all know it's doomed.  And Karofsky's profession of love to Kurt also seemed like a forced plotline... is this foreshadowing a future event?  I predicted he would commit suicide earlier in the show's run, but I hope I'm not eventually right.  :(

Mercedes' rendition of "I Will Always Love You" was tragically timed; the episode was obviously filmed well in advance of Whitney Houston's demise, and the airing was pre-scheduled for Valentine's Day.

So yeah, didn't have much to say, because this just an okay episode.  I'm hoping for better in the future... I'm more into "Revenge" these days.

Songs I'll Download:  "Cherish/Cherish", "Stereo Hearts", "Love Shack"

P.S.  Did anyone else catch the tongue-in-cheek comment by either Puck or Sam that Rory's speech in incomprehensible?  It's TRUE!

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