Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gleek Peek: I hate being right.

I love being right.  Except right now I actually hate it.  SPOILER ALERT, as usual.

As I was watching the most recent Glee episode, I learned that one of my predictions from early in Season 2 had come (somewhat) true... I said that Karofsky would commit suicide.  In fact, my friend LK messaged me as I watched because she remembered me saying it seemed to be pre shadowed circa 2010.

I was super sad.  I really thought Karofsky had a chance since he left McKinley... then they reintroduced him, and I felt I knew his fate.  Poor Karofsky.  Poor, poor Karofsky.  I'm glad he lived, but still... the attempt was scary.

I was looking forward to the performance at Regionals, and didn't appreciate Rachel/Finn trying to hijack the episode for some little wedding.  But it was interesting to see the human side of Sebastian, and how he had a connection to Karofsky too.

I enjoyed the Regionals songs, and I really liked how Kurt and Karofsky made up.  The final cliffhanger, though?  OH. NO.  I won't even address that right now.

Songs I'll Download:  "Cough Syrup", "Fly/I Believe I Can Fly", "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)", "Here's to Us"

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