Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gleek Peek: MICHAEL

Hello, Michael Jackson tribute episode!

Okay, I'll admit MJ wasn't always my favorite... towards the end he was a little creepy.  But he did leave behind a repertoire, and Glee has already performed such gems as "PYT", "ABC", and "Man in the Mirror."

Darren Criss is adorable... I can't believe my enthusiasm for his cuteness ever waned last season.  The opening number to this episode was epic!

As for the story, I think Finn asking Rachel to marry him was a bad idea.  And whatever they're doing is juvenile.  I'm glad Quinn is on the right path, though!  (And I'm relieved they've stopped featuring Rory... sorry, kid is uninteresting and hard to understand.  Bring Harmony back!)

I like having the Warblers as the enemy (maybe I like Blaine better sans blazer?), and Sebastian is perfect.  His duet with Santana of "Smooth Criminal" was an amazing face-off!  Glad the Glee kids take the high road though.  I don't have much else to say about the storyline... I was too into the music numbers!

Songs I'll Download:  "Starting Something", "Smooth Criminal", "Black or White"

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