Saturday, February 11, 2012

Easy Bow T-Shirt Upcycle

Jason Wu for Target, $22.99
I love bow blouses.  I wish I had more occasion to wear them, especially the pretty chiffon ones!  I was at Target today, browsing their current Jason Wu line, and picked up a bow blouse for my shopping cart.  But then I realized I needed to buy Breaking Dawn: Part 1 on Blu-Ray instead, and saw another shirt from the collection for $22.99, a regular t-shirt with a bow...  What a great idea!  Especially since I'm a little obsessed with the bow that character Emma Pillsbury wears so consistently on Glee.

I checked out the construction, and it was simple enough.  This is something a novice can do!  I think it took me a total of about twenty minutes.  The shirts are super soft, and they are more casual than a normal bow blouse. I could wear these with jeans, or a coordinating cardigan!

Do you love bows, too?  :)

What I used:
-patterned fabric from my stash (I just cut a simple, long strip, based on a blouse I already had)
-two solid t-shirts (purchased on the cheap at Target!)
-thread to match t-shirt color

My fabrics

1) Sew the bow right sides together, then turn inside out.  Finish the ends.
2) Simply pin to the inside of the collar, and sew!
Make sure your thread blends with the shirt color to hide your work.

Shirt #1

Shirt #2

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