Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kalbi (Korean Ribs)

 I love kalbi.  I'm sure I've talked about my love for Korean BBQ before, perhaps specifically kalbi, but. I. love. it.  I love to eat so much of it that I can taste it when I burp.  Hours later.  Weird, right?  My Korean relatives will stuff me with kalbi for consecutive meals and days because they know how much I enjoy it.

Anywho, I usually get my kalbi from a Korean takeout place, because I didn't make it very well... my previous efforts just didn't taste right.  When I was shopping at the grocery store and saw the EXACT cut of meat I needed to try again, I bought it.  Using some advice from my Mom, I pounded the rib meat flatter, added meat tenderizer, then marinated it in store-bought kalbi sauce and brown sugar.  I let it sit in the fridge for two days before I grilled it up.

DELICIOUS.  It's not as good as my grandmother's, but it'll do.  I ate it with brown rice in an attempt to be healthy... not the same but still satisfying.  I am thrilled I have regained confidence in my ability to make this.  YUM.

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