Friday, September 30, 2011

Project Runway: 70s #pr9viktor

I had really mixed feelings about everyone's performance on last night's episode.  There was definitely some drama when Anya lost her money... she is so lucky Anthony gave her his leftovers and that the other designers bailed her out.  I also think the other designers were kicking themselves for helping her, because she ended up WINNING.  Wowza.

I liked Viktor's looks the best, and I think he should have won over Anya.  I think I would have liked that awesome jacket to match the pants better.  He is great at tailoring.  I also liked the dress that Bert did, and I'm glad that he was recognized with a reward in the end too.  I feel like Anya's looks won over Viktor's because they would look good online.  Bert's dress (selling for $98 on Piperlime) is already sold out!

I am very surprised that Anthony Ryan went home.  I really felt like Josh missed the mark completely (those HEINOUS PANTS) and should have been eliminated.  Josh can't tone himself down.  Anthony Ryan was a fan favorite, and you could tell people on the show really liked him...  Tim Gunn was tearing up when he said goodbye!  Anthony Ryan was my favorite in the beginning, and he was in the top for three straight episodes... then what he did just stopped translating.  I think Josh will go home.

I am on Team Viktor these days.  I don't like his attitude, but he is focused on the competition.  He whines a bit, and complains that others are copying his ideas.  It's fashion... everyone is copying someone else.  Viktor needs to stay positive, because he has the talent and the eye to make it all the way!  I know Anya is everyone's favorite, but I feel like everything she does is the same... prints with a maxi dress or jumpsuit or racerback.  Right?

Tim was right though, all of the remaining designers have real talent, and it's hard to tell who will go home each week.  I have no idea what's next!

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