Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On @KatePlusMy8

The Gosselins in happier times credit
So Monday night was the series finale of the show "Kate Plus 8", previously known as "Jon & Kate Plus 8", featuring the lives of Jon & Kate Gosselin and their brood of eight kids (twins and sextuplets) and how crazy it is in such a busy household.  I used to be a dedicated viewer of the show, and I can't believe how long I've been watching these kids grow up.  I mean, I recognize each of them by name in photos, without assistance.  I care.

But when Jon & Kate's constant (albeit entertaining) bickering caught up with them and led to a very public divorce, I very strongly disagreed with Kate continuing the show so soon after the split.  How could you put your kids through that and then have the cameras back in their lives?  It brought to mind the saga of the Dionne quintuplets, babies being used for profit.  I will admit I was glad to see Kate's notoriously bad hairdo disappear, and I believe she deserved a tummy tuck/makeover after what her body went through... but her transformation into a total famewhore was unpleasant to watch.  I understand she believes she is trying to provide for her children... but there are plenty of other large families in America getting by just fine without the help of reality TV and book deals.  In addition, the show was no longer about the challenges of everyday life, but instead all about fancy trips and publicity.

Now, I'm not just blaming Kate... after all, let's not forget Jon's very public midlife crisis, complete with cheap hussy girlfriends, a trip to Saint Tropez, and hideous Ed Hardy t-shirts.   But at least the guy is in a normal job now, paying child support.  This is the direction Kate needs to go now.  Why not let TLC check in with the kids maybe once every couple of years, like the more private/still adorable McCaughey septuplets?  I've been watching them grow up too, and they are so much more well-adjusted than the Gosselins seem to be, because they were less exposed to the chaos of reality TV.

Still, even though I boycotted the show post-divorce, I tuned in for the finale.  (And bought the People magazine featuring the family on the cover.)  It was a heartfelt episode, and I do feel there were some very emotional moments for Kate in recognizing how much her family has changed over the years.  I also really enjoyed seeing the montage as the kids grew up, and some of the loving moments that Jon & Kate had in better days.  It was worth seeing one last time.

Kate actively tweets and has started up her own website, Kate + My 8, where she will probably continue to update us on her life with the kids.  She would like to have her own talk show and continue in television (shocking!) but I don't know how this is going to pan out.  I really hope she takes a break.  She probably needs to cut back on her lifestyle, maybe write another book to support her family.  But I seriously doubt she'll ever go back to nursing, and I believe she will continue to seek media attention.

I would say I'll miss the Gosselins, because they are a sweet bunch of kids... but I'm sure with Kate running the show it won't be long before we all see them again in the spotlight.

P.S.  Kate, despite the criticism, I haven't given up on you guys!  I really think you have a good heart, and a lot of ugly was laid out there on TV because of editing...  I want to see your nicer side, and I will always love your kids!

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