Monday, September 26, 2011

New TV Review: @PanAmABC

I love a retro aesthetic!  When I saw that ABC was going to be doing a new show on Pan Am stewardesses in the 1960s, I decided to tune in.

Description:  Welcome to 1963: a time when only a lucky few could take flight, experience a global adventure or gain a front-row seat to history. Those lucky few flew Pan Am, the largest, most prestigious airline in the world. More than Coca-Cola, Elvis Presley or the transistor, Pan Am exported American culture to the world abroad and brought that world back to American shores.  Join our crew as they travel to intoxicating cities such as Paris, Berlin, Monte Carlo and Rome and bump into history along the way. Through their eyes we revisit an era nearly half a century ago.

My Review:  Skip Charlie's Angels and The Playboy Club.  If you want a retro drama that isn't as deep as Mad Men, Pan Am is your best bet in the new lineup of shows!  It seems like ever since Mad Men, networks are trying to capitalize on different times in history, like the award-winning Prohibition-era Boardwalk Empire.  I actually thought Pan Am was a good pilot.  You became interested in the characters (runaway brides and stewardess spies? oh my!) and it was beautiful to look at.  It's not one of those shows I fell head over heels for (Grey's Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, Glee) but it's something I'll continue to record and watch because I enjoy it.

I won't be writing weekly reviews of the show, but it's perfect for one of those days you want to lounge around and just watch something easy.

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