Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hoosier Highlights

View at the lake.
So I'm back from my trip to Indiana!  I definitely had a great time, and the week went by entirely too fast.

-I went to the 4th Street Festival and enjoyed my beloved downtown Bloomington with Mom.
-I went to a family cookout at Uncle MW's lake and enjoyed a real Hoosier sunset in the country.
-I ate at Uptown Cafe with my high school friends and had a great time catching up with them.  They are bright, talented, fun people and I don't get to see them enough!
-I got to meet up with my friends EM and CM after three years apart and enjoy Conner Prairie.
-I watched a high school volleyball game with my Dad who volunteer coaches.
-I went shopping with my Mom and she made my favorite spam musubi.

But above all else, I got to spend a LOT of one-on-one time with my Grandma.  We talked for hours at the nursing home, and I even got to eat at Rick's Smokehouse with her and Uncle MW after her oncology appointment.  We both devoured some pulled pork sandwiches!  My last day with her was the best day; she looked great.

Me and Grandma!

The day I left, Dad was on his way to Arizona to visit my sister.  We got to sit together on our connection to Atlanta and he stayed with me until my flight left.  (He even bought me the latest People magazine... what a guy!)  It's good to be home and in my own bed, but it was hard to leave Indiana.  That's my home, no matter where life takes me!

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