Monday, September 12, 2011

Flats flats flats!

American Eagle Fynn Flat  credit
I love my heels, but I live in flats.  I don't even know how many pairs I have.  But recently I had to toss out both pairs of my casual black flats, because I wore them to pieces.  Literally.

Since I go through flats every couple of years, I don't spend too much money on them.  In fact, the most comfortable ones I have found are from Payless!  Their American Eagle line (not associated with the AE store) is my favorite, and their size 6 1/2 is guaranteed to fit my foot.

This weekend I found a pair for $20 at Payless to satisfy my black flat needs!  The Fynn is perfect for a dress, jeans, anything.  It goes well from day to night, but it's not overly dressy or casual.

Can't wait to wear them!  They already feel great on my tootsies!

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