Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dinner Lab: Nashtoberfest

Dinner Lab is a members-only social dining experiment & experience.  I'd love if you would use my referral link to sign up/learn more about Dinner Lab, so I can earn $ towards future events!

Dan and I had our second Dinner Lab meal recently, themed Nashtoberfest and featuring the amazing guys behind Porter Road Butcher, James Peisker and Chris Carter.  While they're known in town for their delicious, sustainable, locally-sourced meats, they really have a lot of culinary experience between them... which is one reason we signed up for this meal!  The space for this meal was Impact Hub Nashville.

Dinner Lab kicks off with a welcome drink, and that night's cocktail was a Pumpkin Old-Fashioned.  Meh.  Despite my love for pumpkin pie, I'm not a fan of everything being pumpkin-ized.  Dan had the drink and wasn't a fan, as he really prefers a traditional Old Fashioned.  There was good, imported German beer available though, which was appropriate (and paired) with the meal!

The idea behind Nashtoberfest as a theme was taking traditional and familiar Oktoberfest flavors and gussying them up (chefs' words).  All the meats are "sourced with thought", and several courses had beer pairings from Weihenstephaner, one of the world's oldest breweries.

We kicked off the meal with a Pretzel Consomme, garlic & parmesan panna cotta, mustard greens & vinaigrette, and bacon lardons.  The panna cotta was a bit bland, but the consomme was flavorful.  The broth itself was Dan's favorite part.  We both loved the crunchy bacon lardons!  Our second course was Roasted Brussels Sprouts with brusselkraut, carrot puree, caraway crackers, and chives.  I'm not a fan of green stuff, so Dan helped me finish mine, and it got his approval.  (Wasn't I just saying in a recent restaurant recap that everyone in Nashville is all over Brussels Sprouts lately?)

The third course was a palette cleaners, an Apple Cider Vinegar & Celery Sorbet.  Wowza!  While I don't like celery, this sorbet was perfectly cold, had a great consistency, and zinged your palette clean.  It was really good!  But our fourth course, the main course, was my absolute favorite.  There was Seared Duck Breast, smoked duck bratwurst, spaetzle, braised red cabbage, and hunter sauce.  I loved the crispy outside of the tender duck breast, though Dan preferred the bratwurst.  I also ate every little bit of spaetzle that I could!  Yum yum yum.

The fifth course had a pastry theme: Cloth Bound Cheddar Gougeres, which were topped with pickled apple and beer mustard.  I would have preferred the gougere be served warm, though it still had a great cheesy flavor.  It was kind of like an amazing grown-up Goldfish cracker turned into a pastry.  In a good way!

For our sixth and final course, we had dessert.  Flourless Chocolate Cake, buttermilk pecan anglaise, beer glazed coconut, and pickled spiced cherry.  EVERYTHING was good about this.  It was scrape-the-plate-clean good.  The cherry too!  I don't even like coconut, but this was a perfect combo without an overpowering coconut flavor.  They NAILED it on dessert.

Much like our previous Dinner Lab experience, we didn't leave feeling overly stuffed.  While the price can be steep for these meals, when you factor in how much you are able to taste (and the fact that you don't get to experience these chefs very often), it works out.  Plus the bar is always open.

Dinner Lab is currently available in Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Charlotte, Chicago, DC, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Milwaukee, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, and St. Louis.

Dinner Lab is a members-only social dining experiment & experience.  I'd love if you would use my referral link to sign up/learn more about Dinner Lab, so I can earn $ towards future events!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Budgeting Bloggers: October 2014

If I had to pick a shopping theme for October, it would have to be BASICS.  Everything I got could fall into that category!  This was also the first month of the quarter, with a lower-than-ever total budget, so I was hoping to pace myself well given the big sales coming in November/December.  I spent a little more than I'd hoped to, but I love everything I got.  I even returned some things that didn't work out, which is something I used to be really bad about.

  1. Old Navy Plaid Flannel Boyfriend Shirt in Blue/Green Plaid (originally $27, paid $19):  This reminded me of a J. Crew shirt that I missed out on buying.  I am thinking fall now, so I wanted a great layering piece that also kept me warm!  I love how soft it is, and that the Old Navy tops I bought were an additional 30% off!
  2. Old Navy Quilted Zip-Front Vest in Blackjack (originally $35, paid $25):  I wanted to jump on board the vest wagon, but in a safe way... black is very safe!  This fit well, and I see it as a great layering piece.  I like some of the herringbone vests out there, but I don't think I'd wear them as much as a black basic for now.  This vest was worn twice in one weekend already!
  3. Old Navy Sweetheart Boot-Cut Jeans in New Rinse (originally $30, paid $22):  The only jeans in my closet are skinny jeans, because I've gotten rid of pairs that didn't fit anymore.  Since I am in between sizes, I prefer to pay for a cheaper (but good!) pair of in-between jeans like these.  I love the dark rinse and thick denim.  They'll be well-worn this fall.
  4. eShakti Retro Poplin Shirtdress in Loden green  (originally $70, paid $35 including shipping):  I know... eShakti.  And this dress that I already have in chambray.  But the chambray is my favorite everyday dress that yields tons of compliments, perfect for work and play, and this green color felt like another way I could wear it frequently.  I had $30 in eShakti gift coupons/codes, then received a 25% off code from them to boot.  I'd considered a more unique dress, but given I want to be able to wear it more as a classic piece, I opted for this instead.
  5. Payless Flats (originally $85 total for three pairs, paid $45 w/tax):  All my flats come from Payless.  Period.  I wear them for about a year or so, until they smell bad and I want to toss them.  So every year I get some new basic flats and toss the old ones.  I just can't justify spending more money on flats when the American Eagle line there is so comfy and I know every pair will fit well without issue.  This round, I got the Bayley Twist flat in cognac, Cent Penny flat in black, and the Boulevard Brogue in black.  I'll wear them all to bits!  They were on sale plus 20% off and free shipping.
  6. MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Saffiano Leather Crossbody in Luggage (originally $148, paid $70 with tax):  I've been looking for a brown cross-body bag, but I wasn't finding one in the price range I liked.  I randomly was searching, and this bag popped up on the MK site listed at $64... what?!  I thought it might have been an error, but I snatched it up anyways because it was perfect and a STEAL!  There are card pockets on the inside too.
$216 spent - $40 sold = $176 total
$179 savings

Quarterly Budget: $400 - $176 October= $224 remaining

Overall, the piece I wear the most is the black quilted vest.  Who'd have thought?  The last vest I had that I wore much was one of those Old Navy Performance Fleece vests from back in the day.  I'm tempted to get another, because it's like wearing a warm hug in the cooler weather!  I also really love the Old Navy jeans I got.  I may get a pair of skinnies too, as I had to get rid of some jeans recently due to wear & tear.

While I spent more than I intended to this month, I'm happy with what I got.  I don't feel like there are any NEEDS in my closet right now, only WANTS.

Check out the rest of this month's Budget Bloggers at the linkup at Franish!

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Pumpkinfest 2014

I love living in Franklin, Tennessee.  It's like living in Stars Hollow on Gilmore Girls.  There are wonderful festivals and events year-round, adorable shops, delicious restaurants, and an overall quaint feel that I love.
This year, I was asked to take over Heritage Foundation Franklin's Instagram and Twitter during Pumpkinfest, our local fall festival.  Here's a peek at the day's happenings.  It was a GORGEOUS day!
A photo posted by aubreyland325 (@aubreyland325) on
My favorite booths at the festival were SignNiche (I bought one of their barnwood signs!), Ellie's Old-Fashioned Doughnuts (mini pumpkin goodness), and Eli Mason (local-made cocktail mixers; I got some for Dan!).  Shoutout to the amazing vendors!!!
Thanks to the Heritage Foundation for putting on such an awesome event, and allowing me to be a part of it.
Disclosure:  I was a social media volunteer for the Heritage Foundation, a non-profit organization, and I did not accept compensation for my service.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014

What NOT to do when your friend is divorcing

I've been divorced now for almost four years.  And in that time, I went from feeling like a pariah to one of many good, normal people who experience this personal life-changer.  I've seen more and more of my friends go through this awful thing, and seeing their so-called friends (and even family) make them feel worse is infuriating to me.  But then I realized, maybe people just don't know how to react when someone is going through this.  It's AWKWARD.

So your friend's getting divorced... and you don't know what to do?  AWKWARD.

So I decided to post a few tips here on how NOT to act when your friend's getting a divorce... and a few things you ought to do.
  • DON'T assume fault or salacious storylines.  There are three sides to every divorce: his, hers, and the truth.  (Note: I'm for marriage equality, so feel free to substitute pronouns.)  The reality is, divorces don't always happen because someone cheated, someone was abusive, etc.  They happen for the same reason that any other breakup happens... it's just that there's a legal contract, social construct, and more that makes it that much worse.

  • DON'T feel entitled to the details.  When I got divorced, acquaintances on Facebook (as in, people I haven't talked to in forever) sent me messages to ask why my relationship status changed, or why my name changed.  Um, seriously?  If you're just a casual observer of someone's life on social media (as in, the most interaction you have is "liking" their photos or saying Happy Birthday once a year), you are NOT entitled to know the details of your so-called friend's divorce.  And even if you are a good friend, realize that you will never know everything that happened, and that's okay.  It's your job to be a friend, not soak up all the juicy gossip.  She'll tell you what she wants you to know, when she's ready.
  • DON'T act like it's contagious.  Divorce is not a literal plague.  So if you're married, don't cut your friend off because you're scared her reality could become yours.  Seriously, there are people who cut out divorced friends because it casts a new light on their own imperfect relationship.  The only one who can break your marriage is you and your spouse..  You don't have to feel weird inviting her to things you'd normally invite her to, because she's the SAME PERSON.  No need to be afraid, or wear a HAZMAT suit.

It's not ebola, people.
  • DON'T disparage her ex.  Well, not too much anyways.  Commiserate with her, but don't blast her ex to the point that she would never see you in the same light if they reconcile.  It's been known to happen.  Also, she'll wonder why the heck you never said anything about how much you hated him before they married!  It's fun to jump on the hater bandwagon, but she's the only one who is allowed talk *real* trash about him.
  • DON'T judge when she starts dating again, no matter how soon.  A divorce is not a death.  There is no required mourning period.  I learned from divorcing, and witnessing my friends' divorces, that whether you wait a year or a month to start dating again, it's going to be "too soon" in someone's (irrelevant) opinion.  Guess what?  Everyone is different... and while she may only be divorced a month, she probably hasn't felt like she's been in a healthy relationship for even longer.  You don't get to judge.  Also, don't set her up (especially with your husband's last, weird single friend) unless she asks you to...  she's not desperate, she's just divorced.

THIS is what your last single friend looks like to me.  Don't set me up.

I know I've listed a lot of things that you shouldn't do when your friend is divorcing... but there are also things you SHOULD do.  Or at least, these are things that I appreciated and try to do for my own friends.
  • DO... date your friend.  You know how when you're part of a couple, you look forward to Valentine's Day, birthdays, etc. celebrations with your loved one?  Suddenly, your friend no longer has that significant other around to take care of those things anymore.  So make an effort to make her smile, and "date" your friend.  Go to dinner, a movie, to a winery, send flowers, thoughtful things like that...  In many cases, your friendship predates your own marriage or relationship.  She deserves a little love from you.

It's time for sisterhood and friendship!
  • DO... realize that this is about HER, and not about YOU.  If you're worried about awkwardness around your friend, seeing her ex in public, people associating you with her divorce, and other stupid things, guess what?  She feels 1000x worse than you!  You do NOT get to be more upset than she is!  Period!  Don't make this your own drama.
  • DO... recognize that this is devastating for her, and she may not be herself for awhile.  Forgive her (within reason) for being a bad friend for a while.  Don't get offended when she doesn't "like" all your happy Facebook posts.  She'll come around, but it takes time.  In my opinion, divorce feels like an amputation: a part of you that you thought you'd always have is suddenly gone, and there's a lot of pain and even phantom limb sensations about it.  It's awful... but you get used to the loss after a while.

I know this isn't perfect advice.  And I'm not always the best at these things either.  But I wouldn't wish a divorce on my worst enemy, let alone a friend.  So try to be a friend to your friend... this too shall pass!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Union Common

Union Common, located in Midtown, was not on my radar whatsoever... and they've been open for two months!  My friends MM and MC met up with me for dinner, but when we got to Sinema (sans reservation) we were told the wait was 3.5 hours.  Seriously!  I'm sure I'll try Sinema another time, but it kind of stinks that they save *zero* flex tables for walk-ins; I like restaurants to have a friendly mix.

We called Union Common, and they set a reservation for us in 30 minutes, perfect time to get to midtown from where we were.  We valeted my car at the restaurant and walked into the space.  It had a real art deco vibe to me, from the decor to the menus.  It wasn't jam-packed with people, which surprised us at first, so we didn't know what to expect.

My friends ordered cocktails (which were good, but had a bit too much ice!) and we perused the menu.  There are LOTS of shareables on the menu, which was great for our foodie crew.  MM and MC are more adventurous than I am, so it made for a really great experience for this junior foodie!  We decided to order a few small plates to start.

First up was one of my favorites of the whole meal, the Crispy Duck.  The duck was nestled on polenta and parmesan with some delicious cornbread crackling.  I really, really enjoyed this dish.  There was lots of crunch and flavor.  We scraped the dish clean!

Crispy Duck

The other starter dish we indulged in was Roasted Bone Marrow.  It had a pickled garnish on top and was served with mustard and toast.  They gave us tiny spoons that were very helpful in scooping the marrow out of the bone.  It was excellent!  Bone marrow might sound bizarre, but if you're a meat-lover, this is just a truly awesome thing to try.

Roasted Bone Marrow

For our main dish, we ordered the smaller Dry-Aged Ribeye, which is supposedly aged 50 days.  We had it medium-rare, and they served it for us as medallions so we could share more easily.  It was very good.  In fact, my MM said that the meal was better than Kayne Prime, a Nashville steakhouse I've got on my wishlist.

Dry-Aged Ribeye & Brussels Sprouts

For our sides, we ordered the Lamb Sausage and Brussels Sprouts.  I do not like lamb, but I did try the asparagus.  Not bad!  The Brussels Sprouts were great.  It seems everyone in Nashville is doing their take on Brussels Sprouts (it's the new fried pickles, I suppose), and this one had pork belly (!), parmesan, pine nuts, and sorghum.  Sorghum is another thing I'm seeing all over Nashville menus.  It's the new molasses, or something.

Lamb Sausage

On impulse, we also ordered ANOTHER small plate:  Nashville Hot Sweetbreads.  They came fried, like popcorn chicken, with a great buttermilk dressing.  Yup, I tasted some offal!  And honestly, this batch tasted like Buffalo chicken fried sweetbreads, in a really great way.  MC told me the texture was still similar to other sweetbreads she'd had, so I felt particularly proud to try it.

Nashville Hot Sweetbread

While my friends are savory fans, I saved some room for something sweet.  I chose the Banana Foster Bread Pudding, because I am on a bread pudding ROLL lately.  It was served with a bourbon whiskey ice cream, which was a great complement to the dish.  Everyone tried some!

Banana Foster Bread Pudding

Overall, I've got to say that Union Common really hits the nail on the head for excellent food and tons of menu options.  Our table of three had four cocktails, an entree, five small plates, and a dessert, and the check split was around $65 each before tip.  Excellent, right?  The small plates range in price around $6-15, and the entrees are on the higher end.  There are some very high-price steak options too, but we loved the variety we got by sharing.

I sincerely hope I get a chance to come back, as the waitstaff was great to boot!  They need an extra valet or two (especially on a Friday night, people!) but I'm glad the service is available.  You need to try this place!

Union Common on Urbanspoon

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wounded Warrior Project 8K

The Wounded Warrior Project 8K series came to Franklin, and I had to participate in honor of those who continue to serve and those who've sacrificed even more.  I was terribly sick, so I took it easy, but it was a great fall day for a run.  They kicked off a Soldier Ride bicycle group, had a great live band, and even provided a photo booth so you can have a souvenir.

LOL photo

I was a great course with a few Tennessee hills (of course), plenty of water points, and a good group of supporters along the way.  Lots of signs on the course too!  I ran in honor of my friend from West Point, Sal Corma, who died in Afghanistan in 2010.  He was one of the best guys...  and you should read more about him.

If this series comes to you, you need to check it out!  They're in Phoenix next month.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Review: Jamberry Nail Wraps

There's a lot of buzz on Facebook about Jamberry nail wraps.  Given that I nearly ruined my nails with shellac & gel manicure removals, I was hoping these wraps would give my nails a little protection so they could grow out and not be peeling as much.  I'm pretty good at painting my own nails, but I smudge/chip them within a day or so, because I don't wait for them to fully dry.
Jamberry nails are sold through independent consultants and have a basic cost of $15/sheet, with enough wraps for 2-3 applications, depending on how you allocate them.  They work for both fingers and toes.
Rose Gold Sparkle

I will admit, there is a learning curve to application.  My first full set of Jamberry nail wraps lasted me exactly one week before they were a lost cause, peeling at the edges.  I put my nails through the ringer, so I wasn't too disappointed.  I saw a lot of flaws in my application process: rough edge from filing, wraps touching cuticles... so it's no wonder they started to come loose.  (Here's the official application video, in case you're curious.)
I use the Jamberry Application Kit and Mini Heater to put on my wraps.  I used to use my hair dryer, but the mini heater gives me a free hand to better maneuver.  I also apply OPI ChipSkip as a base before applying.
For my second full set, I used the "baggie method" I saw online, and I did not file the tips; I used nail clippers to trim them before heating, ensuring the tips came to the edge of my nail.  I also made sure to push my cuticles down so no wraps touched skin, which leads to the peeling.  I did have one or two ripples after four days (mostly where my nails themselves had peeled, so the surface wasn't completely even), but this round was noticeably better.  I was a happy camper and got lots of compliments!
White & Pink Tint Tips (Short)

My second full set lasted a week and a half before they looked a little worse for wear and I took them off.  That's almost the full two weeks advertised.  I've noticed that different wraps need a little more or less heat/care with application, specifically the ones with metallic in them.  I decided to exchange one set of wraps, the Icy Taupe Polka, because they simply did not stay on me...  but Jamberry has a satisfaction guarantee, so I could just get  a new set.  I felt like that one design, compared to all the other ones I've tried, "felt" different during application and didn't take the heat as easily.  It's good to know Jamberry will exchange if you're not fully satisfied.
I don't feel like it takes much longer for me to put Jamberry wraps on than regular polish, due to lack of drying time, and I don't chip them like regular polish.  You get the hang of it pretty quickly.  Removal is so easy too, they just peel off with a little help!  I'm pretty much sold on these as a great way for me to have nail designs that last longer than salon or self manicures.
I've ordered a bunch of sets, because I absolutely love all the patterns.  Even though I haven't yet gotten to the point of them lasting a full two weeks (I need to not watch TV while applying!), I'm happy with the look, designs, and having them last a week and a half.  I can't paint nail designs like these myself!  There's seriously a design for every occasion too, and I have picked some that work very well for both a corporate office and my life in general.
Interested in shopping for some Jamberry wraps of your own?  There's often a  Buy 3, Get 1 Free or some other offer running.
Urban Lights

I purchased all of my own Jamberry nail wraps and accessories from my friend.  I do not sell them.  I am reviewing them here just to let other people know my experience with them, before they take the plunge themselves.

UPDATE:  (2/7/2015)  I am STILL a fan of Jamberry nail wraps.  I get endless compliments about them because people assume I'm getting professional manicures!  The designs with a clear background are still my favorite, mostly because I feel they are subtle enough to wear to the office and match a lot of my outfits; one set of clear decals lasted me two weeks without an issue, I just removed them to change the design.  I was even wearing Jamberry when I got engaged on New Year's Eve, so my holiday cards actually feature my manicure with a photo of my ring!

Icy Taupe Polka

UPDATE:  (4/25/2015)  I also learned that Jamberry wraps work well over gel manicures, which I get from time to time now that my nails are healthier.  Here is a photo of accent wraps on top of gels.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Apple Sharlotka

Food & Wine is my favorite magazine, and their November issue featured a recipe I just felt compelled to attempt: Apple Sharlotka.  Basically, it's a Russian apple cake, though for me it felt like a lovely upside-down pie of sorts.

The prep was pretty easy.  Peeling and slicing apples was the most challenging part.  Then it was some batter-making and arranging it all in a springform pan, allowing the batter poured over the top to sink in through the apples.  In hindsight, I should have let the batter drip through a bit more, but I was so excited to get it into the oven!

There was definitely some waiting involved... it bakes for an hour!  And then you have to let it cool a bit before opening the pan.  But once you do, and you add the powdered sugar, it sure looks beautiful!  Dan and I both liked the taste; I added a little whipped cream to mine.  It's not overly sweet, and the apples make it tart.  Not bad for a first attempt, eh?

Apple Sharlotka by Chef Matt Danko


  • 4 Granny Smith apples—peeled, cored, quartered and thinly sliced
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 3/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg
  • Pinch of kosher salt
  • 3 large eggs
  • 1/2 teaspoon pure almond extract
  • Confectioners’ sugar, for dusting

  • Preheat the oven to 350°. Grease the bottom and side of an 8-inch springform pan.
  • In a large bowl, toss the apples with the lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of the sugar and let stand for 15 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, in a small bowl, whisk the flour with the cinnamon, nutmeg and salt. In a medium bowl, using an electric mixer, beat the eggs with the almond extract and the remaining 3/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons sugar at medium-high speed until thick and pale yellow and a ribbon forms when the beaters are lifted, 8 to 10 minutes. Gently fold in the dry ingredients just until incorporated.
  • Spread the apples in the prepared pan in an even layer, then pour the batter evenly over them. Let stand for 5 minutes to allow the batter to sink in a little.
  • Bake the sharlotka for about 1 hour, until it is golden and crisp on top and a cake tester inserted in the center comes out clean. Transfer to a rack and let rest for 15 minutes. Unmold and transfer to a serving platter. Dust with confectioners’ sugar and serve warm.

Friday, October 10, 2014

My Life in GIFs, v.7 : The Underwear Incident

It's a rainy Friday, and I don't have much built up in my blog queue... which is typical lately.  So I figured, what better time to hit you with another dose of My Life in GIFs, given I'm a basket case these days!  This one is about a true story that happened to me on a recent business trip.

I was running to the bathroom at the headquarters building where my meeting was.  I always get a little nervous (like in a good, adrenaline-like way) before big meetings, so I needed to make sure I looked alright and all that jazz.

Basically, I'm in the bathroom stall being all like...

Then I come out of the stall to wash my hands, and this other lady comes out of her stall and gives me a total stinkeye!

She's like...

Or maybe more like this?

She walks out without saying a word to me.  So I'm just standing there like...

And that's when I realize, looking into the mirror, that my dress hem is tucked into my UNDERWEAR.  As in, I was about to walk out of the bathroom in business attire with my BUM showing to the world.

I was like...

So then I fixed my outfit, NAILED THAT BUSINESS MEETING, and managed not to unintentionally moon anybody.  But I was seriously bothered.  Why didn't that lady tell me that my underwear was showing?  Isn't that just girl code?

I was thinking...

Overall, I was disappointed in sisterhood that day.

How would you have handled the situation?  Would you tell a stranger that her underwear was showing like that to save them?  I know I would... and I have!

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Husk Nashville

I regret not dining at Husk in Charleston before I moved away from the low country.  My regret continued to grow as Sean Brock was one of the featured chef hosts on PBS's The Mind of a Chef.  So when I heard that Brock had opened a Husk in Nashville's SoBro neighborhood, I was excited to try it... and used a girls' brunch with two wonderful friends as an excuse to make a reservation.

Husk is remarkable because the menu changes daily, depending on what is in season, what has been sourced (all in the South!), and probably however the chefs are feeling.  They even have their own on-site garden!

It was impossible to decide what to eat.  We kicked off with cocktails (mimosas and a bloody mary) and AB ordered some deviled eggs to try.  I don't even like deviled eggs, but these were good!  For starters (because, why not?), I ordered an indulgent Bourbon & Brown Sugar Bread Pudding with butterscotch sauce and vanilla sweet cream... and it was HEAVEN IN MY MOUTH.  I wish I could have one of those every day.  It was just decadent and perfection.

For my meal, I ordered the HUSK Fried Chicken.  I laughed when macaroni & cheese arrived as a "Southern vegetable", but this has happened before.  What surprised me about the dish was that it was HOT chicken!  AB remarked that she preferred the Charleston restaurant, as it was more traditionally low-country (her grits were more brothlike than creamy), and I agreed that it seemed this restaurant made a real effort to be a Nashville institution vs. imitating its Charleston counterpart.  While I was expecting regular fried chicken, I was not disappointed with what came to me.  The biscuit was delicious, natch.

Overall, I would definitely come back to Husk for a special meal.  Because the menu is never the same, it feels like you would never tire of it the freshness!  The service is great, though the food takes a little while, probably because it is made to order like it should be.  Oh, and there's PARKING!  Talk about a special Nashville spot.  I highly recommend you make reservations, as they do book up in advance.

Husk on Urbanspoon

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