Sunday, May 15, 2011


Yes, the title of this post is RIBS.  All caps.  Like I'm shouting.

I was reading Eat Live Run the other day, and came across photos of the cayenne-cinnamon ribs she made.  Drool.  And since I know she's a Savannah girl, and that she LOVED this recipe from Steamy Kitchen, I had to try it out.  After all, when in the South...  eat BBQ.

I found some awesome ribs at Walmart.  [Actually, let me deviate for a second to praise Walmart today.  I know, I know, it's the corporate big-box store machine.  But it's one of the few places to shop near my house, and today I was impressed.  I found great-looking meat at good prices, an awesome cheese selection, and great prices.  In addition, Walmart has started carrying things I've been searching for at other local grocery stores without success... jasmine and basmati rice, agave nectar, powdered buttermilk (Yes!  Finally!  A baker's best friend!), and more.  I can't believe I'm saying it, but they really impressed me today.  (I also scored a Danskin zip-up workout jacket on sale for $5!)  Sigh.  Oh, Walmart, I want to hate you, but I can't.]

I have never had such a big hunk of meat in my hands before.  (That's what she said!  Bwahahaha.)  I followed the instructions and removed the membrane, which is supposed to make the ribs more tender.  I was squeamish at first about it, but then when I started pulling on the membrane with my hands, I found its removal to be extremely satisfying.  It was much like removing those peel-off facials... don't you love it?

I mixed up the rub, choosing hot paprika that I use for Indian cooking, as well as cayenne pepper as the "crushed red pepper".  It looked lovely, and I massaged it into the ribs on both sides.  It was drool-inducing before I even put it in the oven.

My favorite step?  Coating it in maple syrup to put under the broiler.  I think that every single girl should keep pure maple syrup on-hand.  [Don't even bother buying the other stuff.  Pure maple syrup is what you'll need for baking and cooking, and it's great on top of your pancakes/waffles/French toast.  I grew up on Aunt Jemima "Lite", but being on my own I don't need multiple bottles of syrup.  Pure maple, without all the weird chemicals and fake sweeteners, is perfection.]

Cayenne Cinnamon Ribs w/Maple Glaze!
They were YUM.  They didn't exactly fall off the bone, but they were juicy, and the kick from the paprika and cayenne offset the sweetness of the cinnamon and syrup.  They were not covered in sauce, but still a bit messy... gloriously so!  I ate them with some easy boxed mac 'n' cheese, the Walmart store brand... surprisingly good!  (And 1/3 of the price of the brand-name one.  I'm testing out store brands lately.)

It feels good to post about cooking again.  I feel like I deviated from my cooking/sewing/etc. attempts for a while, what with the studying and all.  Yesterday's constant rain kept me indoors, so I accomplished all the cleaning I normally save for Sundays.  And I'm talking LOTS of cleaning... bathrooms included!  So to have some extra time today to whip up something to share with you all?  I'm smiling ear to ear.

P.S.  I used six more coupons shopping today, and decided my goal of using 100 before I'm 30 is way too easy.  So I've raised it to 1000!!!


  1. Speaking of pure maple syrup, I used to to make Bananas Foster for Elijah. I always thought it was the rum that gave it that extra yummy flavor, but it was JUST as good (if not better!) using just bananas, butter, and maple syrup.

  2. I just love maple syrup. :) It's so good on ANYTHING. I've always poured syrup on my smoky link sausages too.


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