Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gleek Peek: Season Finale "New York"

Okay, there are definitely some folks who are going to disagree with me on this one, but I think the Glee season finale episode had more good than bad!  I think that with so many 'weak' episodes this year, this one actually stands out as a decent one.  Not a terrible way to end the season!
For starters, even though I wasn't a huge fan at first, I liked the mash-up of "I Love New York/New York, New York."  Santana totally carried that song, and I loved her hooks.  I didn't even know those songs existed, and I didn't like it much because I thought the lyrics were lame, then realized they were from Madonna.  Okay, Glee is forgiven.  Madonna is not.

Finnchel (Finn/Rachel) ANNOYS ME.  Can we PLEASE get over this?  And Quinn being angry about it.  COME ON.  If we could have eliminated this portion of the episode, and spent more time wrapping up the season back at McKinley, I think it would have been an improvement.

Best song?  Hands down Rachel & Kurt singing one of my favorite Broadway songs ever, 'For Good' from Wicked.  I've seen the musical twice, and that song in particular tugs at my heartstrings.  I loved it.

I am definitely optimistic about next season, though I am wondering what they are going to do after Rachel (and most of the cast) "graduate" high school.  I think this New York episode, where Kurt/Rachel discuss relocating to NY, may have been an allusion to what we might see in the future, but I can't imagine ALL of the McKinley kids could move to NY... am I right?  Looks like I'll be singing along to my Glee Karaoke games until new episodes return.


 In other TV news, I was definitely left crying after the Grey's Anatomy season finale... I think there's a lot going on, and I can't believe they left so many issues unresolved.  Oh wait, I can believe it.  They need us to keep begging for more!  The other guilty-pleasure show I've been watching regularly, Make It or Break It (an ABC Family drama about gymnastics with terrible acting and implausible storylines), left me disappointed.  They have totally left out a major character for the past few episodes, and the girls' win at Worlds was unlikely and just unbelievable.  Sigh.  What can I expect though, right?  It's ABC Family.

Looks like a summer of reality TV for me!  Real Housewives of Orange County and New Jersey (I don't bother with the others), shows like Spouse vs. House and Extreme Couponing, and cooking shows.  At least I'll save money because I'm not downloading Glee songs on iTunes every week.

Don't forget to get Season 2 of Glee so you can practice your karaoke and dance moves all summer before the new season starts!


  1. Make It or Break It is my guilty pleasure. I am not ashamed! Ok, maybe I am. The acting is just terrible and the storylines are insane. I'm also bummed that Emily has just vanished--I want a follow-up. Or some insane comeback story where she has the baby and competes in the Olympics anyway.

    I agree that there is no way they would have won Worlds in real-life!

  2. I KNOW, why is there no Emily update??? Make It or Break It is TOTALLY my guilty pleasure, ever since I just happened to stumble upon it streaming on Netflix.

    I don't believe that Emily will get an abortion; ABC Family is too pro-life for that. I think she will attempt a big comeback, but I can't imagine the NGO will support having a teen mom as an elite gymnast. I just wonder if she'll keep the baby or give it up for adoption.

  3. Yeah, I don't think they'll do an abortion, either. But I do hope we get some kind of triumph over tragedy. Like Summer babysits while Sascha trains her in the dark of night or something. And then some teen mom advocacy group jumps down the NGO's throat and forces them to let her audition for the Olympic team.

    I wonder if Damien ever found her? Would they get married? So many questions!!!

  4. I just watched the Glee finale, and although it wasn't the worst episode of the season I disliked most of it. I can't help but think the return to original songs is a scheme to make even more money (you get a LOT more money for being a song's writer than a performer or distributor), which is obviously their prerogative, but I like being able to sing along sometimes ;) Oh well, hope they take some Gleek feedback over the hiatus.

    If you want more summer Netflix series I loved Downton Abbey from Masterpiece Theater!


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