Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gleek Peek: PROM!

My three favorite Glee guys!
Alright, Gleeks, I'm back with my Gleecaps.  I finally finished watching the prom episode, and my verdict is a grade of B+.  There are only two more new episodes left this season, and I had really high hopes for this prom episode.

And you know what?  I wasn't too disappointed.  There was definitely high drama (FINALLY the evil side of Quinn reigns supreme), and I actually liked most of the song choices.  My favorite number?  The Glee version of that TERRIBLE Rebecca Black internet crap-sation, "Friday".  I mean, they actually turned that stinker into a fun, danceable song.  You go guys!

But I do have a complaint.  I am all for gay rights, PRIDE.  But does EVERY Glee episode have to be dominated by the "gay bullying" storyline?  I made a prediction a while back that this is going to end up in a Karofsky suicide-related after-school special.  I'm glad that Kurt is back at  McKinley, and that the show does such a good job of bringing real-life issues to the TV audience.  But I really want some more heart-felt storylines like earlier in the first season.  I really think they can do it.  The last episode I truly LOVED was "Furt", with the Bruno Mars songs.  Can we have some more of that?

Anyways, check out this week's episode.  "Friday" has potential to be my new ringtone.  But for now, it remains Nicki Minaj in "Super Bass"!!!

P.S.  Who wants to buy me this?  :-)


  1. you changed your (blog) header! :D i like it, it's so pretty :D

    i completely agree with you on what you said bout glee. it's sad that it's kinda hit this level of redundancy but i like how they interpret the songs and that's what i really watch glee for these days. i wish the whole santana and brittany thing would be resolved already! it's pretty annoying and that tina and mercedes would get a little more exposure song as well as story(line)-wise.

  2. I agree, Tina and Mercedes deserve to shine a bit!

    I continue to love the show; I watch it for the music. I thought the episodes with Gwyneth Paltrow were spot-on... and as much as I love Kristen Chenoweth, the episodes besides her first were just lackluster. They could do a better job applying the songs to the storyline.

    And the 'Brittana' thing does need to end. I preferred it when they were the stereotypical high school sluts.

  3. They COMPLETELY lost me at this episode. I was on the edge when they tried to do another Adele song, then the boys brutally shoved me over with the un-ironic performance of Friday. Ack! I hope the last few episodes this season are not disappointing to the Gleeks, but I just cannot watch any more.


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