Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunday Lately: Working, Loving, Stressing, Growing, Visiting

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You guys, I've had such a rich week!  The birthday joy just kept on giving.  Sunday night, I reconnected with an old college friend and indulged in The Melting Pot.  Monday night, I took a cooking class with a friend.  Three times during the week, I had lunch with beloved coworkers, and they even treated me for my birthday.  I guess I'd say that this was a week of friendship.  And that just gives me all the feels.

WORKING... on building my figurative "house."  This poem inspired me so much this week. The part about the roof being a masterpiece of forgiveness?  Slayed me.

LOVING... the S-town podcast!  I'm hooked, so no spoilers. I'll finish it on my work road trip coming up this week.  It's a true-life Southern Gothic, references to Faulkner included.

STRESSING... about work deadlines and house cleaning checklists, not making time for some of the freelance commitments I have... but I'm working on prioritizing.  It's all in the Happy Planner.  Breathe in, breathe out.

GROWING...  some bomb hairs, y'all!  Look at how my girl hooked me up with a cut and some refreshed color yesterday.  Love love love.  I feel pretty.  Confession: having someone else wash my hair is one of my favorite things.

VISITING...  with friends.  As I mentioned at the start, the theme of this week for me, whether I knew it at the time or not, was about the love of my friends.  It felt so good making space to indulge in good conversation, laughter, and trust.  After five years in Tennessee, I just feel like things are in a great place. 

And I mean, look at this food.  This is friendship and fellowship, right?  It's actually what my friend M ate, but I snapped a pic because it's beautiful Korean food.

One thing I did this week was write thank you notes to all of my friends and family who gave me gifts or took me to lunch or something like that for my birthday.  I'm a sucker for handwritten cards and letters, because it seems more personal in this day and age of texting and whatnot.  Old lady Aubrey strikes again.

  • On the Blog:  I posted my recaps of Tucson and Phoenix.  What a wonderful trip!  It made me happy.
  • On Twitter:  Tweeting about how satisfying it is to watch cupcakes being frosted, like some kind of creep.  My friend said visual autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a thing, so I'm totes normal.
  • On Pinterest:  I don't love asparagus, but this dish seems like a nice compromise between unhealthy and healthy pasta dishes.  It has bacon!
  • On Instagram:  This doodle about Target is so true, it hurts.
  • Shopping:  I fell in love with these sandals in light tan, so I impulsed ordered them... hope they're comfy!

How was your week?

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