Monday, April 10, 2017

Purple Trail & Memory Planning

Thank you to Purple Trail for sponsoring this post and providing me with a beautiful planner!
Images (unless noted), text, and opinions expressed are all my own.

I love having a paper planner.  I've been journaling since I was a young teenager, and there's something about putting pen to paper and jotting down your lists, plans, and other things on a page.  I've read that it actually helps commit things to memory.  I feel like it brings you extra satisfaction to cross things off your list, or remember what happened on a particular day.

I have a tiny daily planner that I use, so when Purple Trail reached out to me about a new planner, I knew what I wanted: a memory planner.  A planner is a great tool to use as a diary.  You can add doodles, photos, and jot down daily happenings and memories.  It's way better than a notebook, because you can "micro-journal" in a way.

photo of planner from Purple Trail

Shopping for a planner on Purple Trail was FUN.  There are so many options!  I was touched to find that not only do they have wedding planners, but they even have LGBT-centric wedding planners.  I love the inclusiveness of their site!  I sorted to look at weekly planners, because I wanted a horizontal space to write down daily notes.  I fell in love with the blue handpainted floral of one of the planners, so I opened it up in Personalize/Design mode to make it mine.

It's super easy to design a planner in this mode.  I really liked that you can do so much customization, compared to other planner sellers.  There were also cover material options.  I chose a hard cover, spiral bound, so make the planner sturdy for year-long journaling.

My planner arrived quickly, and I marveled at the blank pages.  What would I do?  Since I was starting this journal in March, I was able to make the journal start on that month too.  Perfect for coming into things mid-year, right?  Also perfect if you want to do a school-centric one, starting in August or September instead of January.

The planner was beautiful!  I was so happy with the sturdiness of the cover, and how it felt.  It also had a folder and notes pages inside, which was really useful for keeping things I need to add in the journaling pages.

I decided to keep my weekly entries to a color scheme.  For the first week, I was pretty busy traveling for work and fun.  I printed a bunch of photos on 4x6 photo paper in my printer, cutting them out to paste into the planner with a gluestick.  I found inspiration on Instagram from others' memory planners.

I also decided that if I didn't have a lot to write on a page, I'd practice my amateur lettering.  I think I'm getting better!  It was also fun to jot down quotes and other things from books I'm reading, so I remember the best of what I've read.

I think that people believe they don't have time for this sort of thing.  After all,  you can stick your appointments and lists in your cell phone.  But for me, writing in a memory planner, or using a weekly paper planner, is a form of daily meditation.  Five minutes a day can bring a little peace, joy, and clarity of mind.  If you're looking for a planner to get organized for a wedding, teaching, school, or just life in general, I highly recommend Purple Trail.  The quality is fantastic, and I love how my memory planner is turning out!

Thank you to Purple Trail for sponsoring this post and providing me with a beautiful planner!
Images (unless noted), text, and opinions expressed are all my own.

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