Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunday Lately: Reading, Fancying, Getting, Doubting, Scheduling

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It's Easter, and Dan's family is in town, so my post is going up later, as most everyone is napping!  We've had a wonderful weekend finally getting to show my brother-in-law and his wife around our town, and my mother-in-law is here for the week.  We went to Leiper's Fork yesterday, including the new distillery out there, and we went out to dinner in downtown Franklin.  Today I cooked brunch, and we took a picnic to a local winery.  Oh, and I bought so much Lacroix water at Costco, it's like embarrassing.

READING...  I just finished Grit by Angela Duckworth.  I tried to listen to it on audiobook, but the author has a rather dull way of reading aloud.  I think she's a better speaker/lecturer (she has a TED Talk) but the audiobook just felt like Siri was reading to me.  I'm listening to Hillbilly Elegy now, and it's fascinating!

FANCYING...  fresh flowers.  I used to hate bouquets of flowers, because they just seemed like a waste.  Now I love getting cut flowers at Kroger and mixing them up into arrangements.  Maybe it's because it's warmer weather now?  I'm starting to also love the fragrance.  But it's such an unnecessary expense, to be honest...  #firstworldproblems

GETTING...  new things I don't need for the apartment, because houseguests always make me what to give the place a little spruce.  I went to the At Home store and got a new doormat, and Kroger for some fresh flowers.  I also bought some new coasters while I was shopping with my MIL and SIL in nearby Leiper's Fork.  I got a new kitchen towel that is so appropriate, because Bear photobombed at the right moment.

DOUBTING...  I doubt myself a lot.  It's this perfectionist issue that I have.  It's something that I'm working past, allowing myself to forgive past decisions and just move on.  Life has to be lived.  I need to just be happy in myself and my choices, and embrace things.  No regrets, no doubts!

SCHEDULING...  Fun things.  I'm super busy this weekend through next, but I'm hoping the following weekend I can convince Dan to take a mini day trip with me.  Tennessee has so many cute festivals and towns to see!  I also just finished up my planner layouts for May, so that month is really getting into the books and planned out at this point.

Also, look at this beautiful photo I took while I was in the lobby of the Hermitage Hotel in Nashville.  It's just so pretty, I had to include it here just because.  I'd love to stay the night there, but it's so pricey!

  • On the Blog:  LOTS of posts this week!  I blogged about my memory planner, a cooking class I took with a friend, and dining out at Tansuo, Maneet Chauhan's new restaurant in town.
  • On Twitter:  I vented about parking.
  • On Pinterest:  I made this recipe I pinned for Blueberry Cinnamon Roll Bake for Easter brunch and it was DELICIOUS.  And so not healthy LOL.
  • On Instagram:  When you're walking around downtown and you discover Brad Paisley is shooting a music video.  This sort of things happens around here!
  • Shopping:  I want a French style rolling pin, and this one on Amazon is beautiful.  I saw one in this sort of gallery store that was $55 and I really wanted it, but it was $55. LOL  I bought marble/wood coasters instead for $18.

How was your week?

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