Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday Lately: Digging, Aiding, Experimenting, Believing, Refreshing

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It's been a couple of weeks since I checked in here with Sunday Lately, but I'm back!  Trying to find the space to write has been challenging with various commitments, but I always say that it's important to only write when you feel compelled... or when you have a true deadline.  Usually, my blog doesn't fall into the latter, hence my absence!

DIGGING... First Watch's avocado toast.  I know it's probably overpriced, and I could likely make it the same at home, but seriously... amazing bread, avocado, seasoning, lemon, salt, and basted eggs?  I seriously could eat it every day.

AIDING... my sleep.  I'm determined to focus on eight hours per night, so I've been focused on getting to bed at 10pm and up at 6am.  It's a work in progress.  Dan likes to fall asleep to television, so I have to wear an eye mask to block out the light.  But he does humor me with lower volume and a sleep timer, at my insistence.  I really wish we could eliminate the TV altogether, but his entire family is accustomed/conditioned to falling asleep to the TV, and they all struggle to sleep when they don't have it on!

EXPERIMENTING... with new Starbucks menu picks!  And no, not the Unicorn Frapp or whatever, I refuse to try that concoction.  But the Pink Drink (the strawberry acai refresher with coconut milk) is really tasty, and I don't even like coconut.  There's also a less sweet version of the chai latte being offered, which it probably better than the ones I order normally.  And both drinks look so pretty iced, eh?  Even I can't resist Instagramming a pretty Starbucks cup.

BELIEVING... in the power of nature.  I took some beautiful photos before my friend Kimmie's memorial, on a rainy, spring day.  I have a blog post drafted of things that remind me of her, but at her memorial last Saturday, I was just struck by the greenery around me, the flowers, just nature.  Now, when I get up in the morning, I sit and listen to the birds.  And on Monday, I went outside to eat an apple during work, listening to music and walking barefoot through grass.  I forgot how much I love the feeling of grass under my feet!

REFRESHING... my shoe collection!  From flats to sandals, the warmer weather has me more excited about shoes, probably because I'm also back to wearing my dresses and skirts even more.  (See what I bought this month here.)  Comfort is key for me.

  • On the Blog:  My monthly closet budget post, with ALL THE TARGET THINGS.
  • On Twitter:  I checked out the Rifle Paper Co. collab for LeSportSac and had to resist buying it.
  • On Pinterest:  Move over, onions!  Shallots are our favorite thing to use when cooking steak.  So much flavor!  This recipe looks right up our alley.
  • On Instagram:  We've replanted our Aerogarden, and you can check out my sporadic updates at #aubreysaerogarden
  • Shopping:  The hemline of this dress is just beautiful!  I'm tempted to get it to wear to my sister's wedding, because I know I'd rewear it as a holiday dress!  Also, I'm obsessed with Jockey slip shorts under dresses.  OMG, game changer!  They're not Spanx (no constriction), and perfect for running around in a cute dress at a festival or at work.

How was your week?

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