Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Life in GIFs, v.4

What a week!  It feels incredibly good to have a weekend with zero plans aside from a class lecture.  Weeks like this I sometimes make silly mistakes, I'm tired, I don't have motivation to do anything more, and I look like a hot mess too.  Good thing I can binge watch the new House of Cards season on Netflix to cope, or I might turn to the bottle...

I'm going to entitle this one, "Moments that I Contemplate Alcoholism Because I'm Annoyed".  I consider myself to be a fairly reasonable person, but sometimes I just need to kick back and forget.

When someone makes a meeting go long because they just want to hear
the sound of their own voice, in my head I'm like:

When that meeting is an end-of-day meeting and they're getting between me
and Happy Hour, my mind's like:

And when that Happy Hour is being put on someone else's corporate card, I feel like:

When someone sends me a meeting invite for 8am meaning I have to skip my morning gym time, the night before I'm annoyed and tempted to be like...

When I'm in an online class and a fellow MBA student starts adding pretentious commentary to the chat box, lengthening the lecture, I'm like...

When I finally get a break from work and school, and I'm reading my favorite food blogs and they do ENTIRE ENTRIES of just photos of their children and NO FOOD, before I delete them from my Feedly I'm like...

Yeah, sometimes you just need a stiff drink to help you forget about those little things that are driving you nuts.  Oh, I'm sorry, is that the wrong response?  Well, then here's one last GIF for you:

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  1. Last GIF fa sho. And the one you picked for the commentary box cracks me UP! Love it.

    1. Oh yeah, and Ramona and her Pinot Grigio is a MUST! I used to watch Real Housewives of Orange County, New Jersey, and NYC... but I had to quit. So addicting.


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