Tuesday, February 11, 2014

@Fabletics - Outfit Review v.2

So you already know from my previous post that I loved my first Fabletics experience.  Well, I already got my 2nd order (since new outfits come out on the 1st of the month) and I am STILL LOVING IT.  Finally, a subscription service that I can truly get behind every month without a doubt!

This month, I decided not to purchase an "outfit" but to choose two pieces I liked.  The cost was still similar, and my VIP membership yielded free shipping.  SCORE!  I chose the Kingston Sweatshirt in White and the Suki Cycle Shorts in black snakeprint.  I needed another warm layer for my workout wardrobe, and I felt the shorts would be a nice break from capris.  I love the subtle snake print in the leggings I got last month, so I had to get them this time too.


I was a little worried the sweatshirt would be too big, as the top I first chose last month didn't fit how I thought it would.  It was definitely a loose fit, but I actually liked it because of the layering factor.  The shorts are great too.  I like the length, surprisingly, as most of my pants are capris. I may have to get another pair of these shorts in another outfit!  I wear the Large (size 10) in all the pieces I have so far, but I like to feel less constricted.  (5'4", 157 lbs)  I think that from now on with the loose, layering tops I will choose the size 8, but stay with 10 in the rest.  My tank top last month in a Large was perfect for the way I like to wear them.

My apologies for the interrupting cat.  Bear loves Fabletics too.

Fabletics customer service did a great job with my exchange last month.  I sent back two out of my three items, and the new pieces were shipped to me within the same week.  Awesome!  (It helps that I'm not too far from their warehouse in Louisville.)  I've already worn all of my new items, and they have held up to my treadmill running workouts.

I did this on a Sunday AM, so forgive the face!

In addition, I've racked up enough rewards points from purchases, reviews, and referral sign-ups (THANK YOU!) to earn a FREE outfit in March.  Love!  Thanks for the birthday gift, readers!  Basically, if you can get TWO friends to purchase through your referral link, you can earn an outfit up to $50.  How cool is that?  (Here's my link for you to use.)

I swear, this year I am going to accumulate the fiercest workout wardrobe ever... and it's actually helped motivate me to get to the gym more often.  Funny how a new outfit can really get you excited to sweat it out.

UPDATE on 3/2/14:  I have gone running in BOTH of these pieces recently and LOVE them!

Disclaimer:  I subscribed to Fabletics on my own, and did not receive anything in exchange for this review.  If you're interested in signing up for Fabletics, I would LOVE if you'd use my referral link!  For every two friends of you who purchase, I can earn an outfit.


  1. I just joined! I hope you get the referral credit. I clicked through your link! I got the fuel outfit and was able to get those smashing camo capris! I CANNOT wait to get in the mail. Considering we like so many of the same things, I had to give this fabletics thing a shot!

    1. YES, I got those points for your signup! :) I will tell you, I LOVE those camo capris. They match any color top and they're comfy to boot. I'm picky about workout clothes, and I have been loving my choices.

      I will mention that I don't plan on buying any of their supportive sports bras/tops. I have a ton of sports bras that I love, and I feel like those are something I prefer to buy locally and individually as needed. I'm focusing on tops and bottoms that I can mix and match on Fabletics.


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