Thursday, August 29, 2013

Budgeting Bloggers: August 2013

It's my second round on Budgeting Bloggers!  In July, I achieved my goal of staying under $150, and this month I wondered if I could stay under $100 as a stretch goal.  As with last month, I deducted for sales I made on Poshmark.

  1. Urban Outfitters Cat-Eye Sunglasses ($10, similar) : I buy sunnies cheap because I have a tendency to lose and abuse them.  I bought this pair to replace a pair I lost, then found that lost pair on a business trip.  (I'd left them in Arkansas!)  This is the last pair for a long time.
  2. Target Side Tab Ponte Dress (originally $28, FREE as a gift): Someone returned this minty dress to the store, so my Mom snagged it for $5 and gifted it to me!  So soft and comfy, perfect for work travel.  Mom's a budget shopper to the max, always on the hunt for the most insane deals.
  3. Old Navy Denim Jacket (originally $35, $33 with code) : There was a back-to-school sale going on, so I used the opportunity to replace a closet staple.  The discount code covered a little more than the tax and shipping (Tennessee sales tax is BANANAS), so it was still a good bargain to me.  The A/C in my office is always pumping, so this is great over dresses and tees.
  4. Old Navy Everyday Khaki Shorts (originally $23, on sale for $9) : Another back to school sale deal!  I got these shorts in an olive color because they are similar to the ones I got last month and love.  A great neutral, and Tennessee stays warm enough to continue wearing them on weekends.
  5. H&M Jersey Blazer ($35):  I love jersey blazers.  They're less stiff and don't seem like I'm overdoing it in my casual workplace.  Pretty much like hoodies for the office.  There's a newly opened H&M locally, but it's a good ways from where I live and it's a madhouse.
  6. H&M Oversized Sweater (originally $20, online sale for $10):  Impulse buy.  Part of the half-off promo for their website launching in the U.S.  And truly, it's about time they crossed into e-commerce here.  I love this top and have already worn it!
  7. Popana Maxi Skirts ($38 for two):  I know...more maxi skirts.  But they were on super sale!  I found them via a paid Newsfeed post, and I usually never click on those, but THESE.  $17 each, then shipping.  Got them in Brick and Mustard.  Can you tell these past two months have been all about maxis?
  8. Mossimo Okal Sandals in Cognac (originally $20, on sale for $7): Extra 20% off day at Target, and these were on super clearance.  I wear pairs of sandals like these to pieces.  Good buy for me.
  9. Toms Desert Wedge Boot in Taupe Suede (originally $89, $84 with promo code):  You guys, I've waited for these boots a YEAR to come back in stock.  I got $5 off with a promo code, and I had to jump.  Budget killer, but I know I will wear them all fall and into winter.
  10. Merona Erin Braided Sandal (originally $15, on sale for $5):  Snatched these up on the 26th of the month because they were marked down so low!  Just couldn't resist the deal since I live in these shoes.  Last pair in the store.
$231 - $91 in Poshmark Sales = $140
Total Savings = $77

It was the Toms booties that put me over my stretch goal.  But I am terribly unapologetic about it.  I also took some time to go through my closet and find pieces to donate to Goodwill, emptying out plenty of hangers for my new stuff!

I wouldn't have been even close my goal if I hadn't sold via Poshmark, but it's a Catch-22; I totally took my Poshmark sales as a license to shop a bit more in the middle of the month.  I'm getting good traction there now that I'm a "Suggested User" due to my honesty and authenticity.  (i.e. I'm not a wholesaler, I disclose flaws in my stuff, and I don't post a bunch of crap!)

For next month, I *think* I have my purchases more planned out... my goal is to stick to my $150 budget (or less) for the 3rd time:

  • My Elizabeth & Clarke box is coming.  Will be blogging that for sure!
  • I need new Rainbow Sandals; mine are circa 2007 and getting kind of grungy.  Solid flip-flops.
  • I want machine-washable dress pants for fall, something I can wear instead of jeans in a casual office.  Maybe Limited/Express?

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  1. I love those wedged boots! I have a pair in black and wear them all the time. Makes me think I should look for a neutral pair like this. Also, that sweater is perfect!

    1. I am going to wear the heck out of those boots this fall. I can actually already see myself wearing them with dresses during the summer/fall transition! Might make me look short cutting me off at the ankle, but the boots deserve attention.

      That sweater was totally an impulse buy, but it might be one of my favorite items from this month. I wore it this week and it is nice enough to wear to work (casual office) but comfy enough to lounge around in on the weekends. I never thought the loose hi-lo would work on me, but I am into it now.

  2. I'm pretty sure those toms booties were definitely worth it. they are SO cute! I said I wanted to get in on this last month. I'm gonna shoot for September. We have some trips coming up and I'd love to challenge myself to save!

    1. Do it! I keep track all along the way in a blog post draft, and I save photos along the way too. Super easy, and it really makes you think hard about your purchases. I'm not a fashion blogger, but I love how it holds me accountable.

  3. thank you so much for linking up this month! you got some amazing items this month - just trendy enough to look current, but they will last you for years. I've wanted those TOM booties forever too....maybe this year will be the year I take the plunge!

    1. I LOVE THEM. I am going to wear the heck out of those boots!

      I love your linkup, Fran! It holds me accountable, kind of like Weight Watchers for Shopaholics but in the best way possible. :) These past two months I've really curbed my spending and I'm thrilled with the results. I'm much more choiceful now.

  4. Those maxis are awesome! You can never have too many. ;-)

    Glad to hear you have some luck selling on Poshmark. I just joined and am hoping to get rid of some things that way!

    1. I'm putting out a blog post soon about Poshmark tips. It's not always the easiest thing to do and sometimes I just end up donating items that don't sell. But I do alright!

  5. I totally agree that I know my Ebay sales allow me to shop more. I can't say I regret it because I love everything I got this month, but I'm also trying to do a better job of sticking to my $150 budget. I have a ways to go, but at least it's making me more conscious with my shopping!


    1. I actually was at a $0 balance halfway through August (Poshmark sales equalled purchases) and then I was like, "Let's go SHOPPING!" when I saw that! LOL But the $150 is a good budget starting point for me, considering where I've come from in spending WAYYYY more.

      I love your eBay success!

  6. I've nearly bought those TOMS wedge booties SO MANY TIMES but have never taken the plunge. I want a pair so bad! I'm curious about their comfort - do you have other TOMS? How do they compare to the classics or their sandal wedges (if you have any of those)? I'm so tempted to order them after having wanted them since they first came out well over a year ago!!

    1. Brynn, I actually have a pair of Toms classics, Toms peeptoe wedges, and now these booties.

      I love the Classics and wear a 6.5 in those. They are insanely comfortable and feel like house slippers. I'm in love and will buy more.

      The sandal wedges I have in a 6.5, in the Snow Leopard print. I love the look and get insane compliments, but I notice that the peeptoe area starts to feel a little sore by the end of the day. Might be that I have wide feet. But the wedge is comfier than all my other heels, and I wear them to work pretty often regardless of the toe issue.

      Now these booties I sized up to a 7 since I wear socks with them. I too stared at these for a year before buying! (And apparently three of my Instagram friends have too, because they were asking as well!) I AM SO GLAD I BOUGHT THESE. They are very comfortable. I can walk up the 4 flights of stairs at my office with them and have no issues whatsover. I can already tell I will wear these most work days in the fall, and I know once I've worn these out I'll want more. Heck, I want more now. Maybe in black!

      I love every pair of Toms, but in terms of comfort I would say Classics > Booties > Sandal Wedge. But I'd buy them all over again.


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