Monday, August 19, 2013

Erin Condren Life Planner, Round 2

I love being organized.  And I tried, back in the Army, to really get into using my pricey Erin Condren Life Planner.  But it was too big to carry around sans purse (which was necessary for me in the Army) and I stopped using it.  Big waste.

But then this year, my friends were on Twitter/Facebook talking about how much better the planner was this year.  So I decided to get one to start using in time for my grad school courses.  What always attracted me to the planner was the Morning/Day/Night layout of each page.  I would have embraced this planner in college for sure.

My thoughts?  I'm glad I chose the 12-month vs. the 18-month, because it really lightens the load.  I wish the tabbed monthly calendars were still made of cardstock vs. just regular paper.  But I really appreciate the new bookmark/ruler addition.

I also ordered the band set to keep the planner together, though I think that at least one of these should come with the planner automatically.

This planner is big.  It's another thing to carry around.  And my hourly calendar is still mostly managed via Outlook/iCal on my mobile device.  But I like writing out my tasks in the planner.

I'm going to continue giving it a shot, to see if I really use it or not.  It sure is pretty, but I'm still trying to figure out if a paper planner still fits into my digital world.


  1. As much as I LOVE paper planners (and I have tried several paper planners) since getting a smart phone, I just don't reach for the paper as much. I now use the planner plus app for iPad and i LOVE it. It's laid out very similarly to this with space for notes, goals, and projects. While a little plainer, it is on something that I already carry around with me versus something else added to the tote.

    1. I'll have to check out that app! I'm such a nerd about not wanting to carry as much, so I'm actually considering an iPad Mini... Not sure yet though.

    2. Meghan, in case you read this, UPDATE... I totally ditched the Erin Condren and went to Planner Plus on my iPad Mini. I wish there were more options to personalize/configure, but it works and it's WAY more portable! Thank you!!!


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