Sunday, May 6, 2012

Savannah Nights

Savannah Tall Ships Challenge
This weekend, I spent Friday and Saturday night hanging out in Savannah with some friends in from out of town.  I hadn't seen my girl LK in forever, and she brought along a couple of other girls I knew too!

I was working on moving/house stuff this weekend, but I let myself have the evenings to have a little bit of fun.

Friday night, I headed downtown a little early, to catch sight of the Savannah Tall Ships Challenge, which brought some gorgeous boats in along the river.

I also took a walk around downtown, passing by Debi's, the restaurant where Jenny worked in the movie Forrest Gump.  Forrest Gump was filmed in Savannah, so there are a lot of little places you can find from the movie.

Once the girls got into town, we grabbed some beer and pizza (DELICIOUS pizza) at local favorite, Vinnie Van Go Go's.  It's probably the best slice in town.  It's cash only, always packed, but the slices are as big as your head!  I always make the mistake of ordering two, and never finishing.  So take my advice and order just one!  Afterwards, we hit up Bar Bar and danced until I had to head home.

Last night, I picked up the girls and we ate another awesome meal at Churchill's Pub.  We started with the soft, sourdough pretzels, then we each enjoyed some amazing dishes: prime rib sandwich, crab cake sandwich, and fish & chips.  YUM.  I also had a Forrest Gumptini, which was delicious.  It was sweet tea vodka, lemonade, sour mix, and a sugared rim martini.  Yay!  We finished out the night with a trip to the always-raucous Savannah Smiles, listening to dueling pianos into the night.  Savannah has a great night life, and I'll definitely miss downtown!

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