Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Melissa confronted Teresa!!! #RHONJ

I don't do episode-by-episode reviews of Real Housewives, but after the latest New Jersey episode, I had to gush!  Melissa finally confronted Teresa!!!  I've always felt like Melissa exhibited great poise in the face of Teresa's ridiculous insults and jabs.  She has taken the abuse for a long time (and vented about it to trusted friends/family, as she is entitled to do), but FINALLY in the latest episode she stands up for herself.
I am Team Melissa all the way.  She and Joey have a great relationship, she cares about her family, and she has the most singing ability of any Real Housewife aside from Kandi.

Teresa is green with envy.  She gets angry when people state the facts about her husband (don't argue semantics like 'going away' and 'jail', Tre!) and wants everyone to think she has the best of everything.  But really, if I had to choose between her life and Melissa's, it's no contest.  And I think that kills her inside, to the point she has created such a rift in her family and with her brother.

I'm so proud that Melissa finally stood up for herself and her family, and Teresa sounded like an idiot even trying to defend herself and fight back.  I really wonder how Teresa can watch the show's footage and not realize how wrong she is; that's real delusion.

Switching gears, I was so saddened by the Lauren Manzo weigh loss storyline.  I know her brothers think they are hilarious, but their jabs about her appearance are just sad.   I really expected my Mama Caroline to come out and be more supportive of her, but it just wasn't as much as I wanted to see.  I really hope Lauren gets in shape for herself and her health, and not everyone else.  She and Vito are a sweet and stable couple.  I love them!

P.S.  Desperate Kim still wants to be on this show, so she pathetically follows the drama.  She is more Botoxed than ever; I barely recognized her!  Stay away, Kim, you're super sad.

P.P.S. Did anyone see Gretchen perform on #RHOC?  Poor girl... she was totally tone deaf.  They should have just had her do a dance feature; I think the Pussycat Dolls regret that decision.  But at least she and Vicki are trying to et along a little better.

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