Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Paperless Post (@paperlesspost)

Do you know what I miss about snail mail?  E-mail lacks that 'paper' feel.  It doesn't feel like you're opening a beautiful card.   It doesn't feel special.  But then I heard about Paperless Post from my friend Jean, and a few days later received a Paperless Post invitation for my cousin's graduation.

What is Paperless Post?  It's this awesome website that sends e-cards, but not the cheesy animated e-cards you're used to.  These are gorgeously designed, customizable, and 'feel' like the real thing.  There are plenty of free options, and you can send them to people and stay both wallet- and environmentally-friendly!

Since I'm moving, I'm using paperless post to send a Change of Address announcement.  I love the selection, and think I will use this website frequently in the future for any kind of event or even just little notes.  It's classy, though I will always maintain a little collection of stationery for snail mail occasions.

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