Thursday, May 10, 2012

Painting Furniture (I put the shabby in shabby chic...)

Like most twentysomethings, I have a hodgepodge of furniture in my house.  Some of it's that cheap, assemble-yourself stuff that you find online or at a discount somewhere.  Since I couldn't get buyers for some of the pieces on Craigslist, and some had some surface damage, I decided to paint some of it while I still had a garage to work in.  I'd read online that you can use this primer on laminate so you don't have to sand.   I bought some semi-gloss paint for the furniture.

I bit off more than I could chew.  I am not good at painting stuff.  It looks like an amateur did it, because I did.  And while some people would prefer the furniture the way it was pre-painted, it just didn't fit the aesthetic I wanted, or it was damaged and had to be painted.

Sigh.  I don't know if I'll ever do this again; I had visions of the lovely stuff I see at Two Women & a Warehouse.  It was an ambitious project, and I am relieved to be finished.  I know I seem very blah about it, but I decided to post the photos anyways.  Why not? :-/
Desk/Sewing Table

Damaged Table and Bookshelf
Coffee Table (the box was loose, now it is fixed)

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  1. Nice clean work i must say, the paint session always include the time of great care because one has to be moderate at each and every point to paint at the same level, you have completed the task with nice finishing hands and the furniture looks like a real shabby chic furniture. Nice work.


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