Friday, May 11, 2012

Just the Fax (FaxZero)

Who remembers fax machines?  I remember that annoying sound on the phone when my parents were receiving fax at our house... that old machine would print indecipherable text onto that funky waxy paper, and we'd have a message.  But that was before e-mail.  Why fax when you can send a multi-paged PDF instantly, to multiple people?

As I prepare to move, I'm trying to end various contracts at my house (satellite TV, security system, etc.) and finding that I signed on for longer contracts than I anticipated.  I'm hoping to avoid paying the penalties/balances and plead my case with the companies, hoping they're understanding of my need to move with military orders.  That said, I was told I need to FAX information to them, with no e-mail option.

Well, that's not very convenient, is it?  Not wanting to have to schlep all over town to find a fax, I looked up online fax services.  I found FaxZero, recommended by PC World, Kiplinger, and more.  You can send a FREE fax (in .doc or .pdf format) to phone numbers, through your e-mail.  I attached my documents, received confirmation of successful delivery, and was done within minutes.

Presto!  Where there's the Internet, there's a way, right?  So don't get stuck searching for a fax machine; you can handle it at your fingertips.

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  1. This is a great idea! We have to fax paperwork to IL to register our cars every year, so I'm definitely going to remember this!


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