Saturday, December 31, 2011

2nd Grade Best Friend Reunion!

I've written about my best friend from 2nd/3rd grade, Nicole, before.  Well, I finally got to see her again, after eighteen long years apart!  She was in Savannah for the holidays, so we met up at Leoci's Trattoria for lunch and some catching up.

First off, the food was great!  Nicole had the Wild Mushroom Risotto, and I had the Pappardelle alla Nonna.  It took us a while to order, though... we spent so much time talking, the waiter came by three times before we had even glanced at the menus!  It was so neat to see my old buddy, especially after we'd remained pen pals for so long after our families moved.  It was amazing we still had so much in common, and I don't intend to let her slip away again.  I even stopped by to say hi to her mom, who knew my mom and aunt from our time in Korea.

I am so happy!  Life is funny, and the world is a much smaller place than you'd think.  Maybe there's an old friend in your life that you need to look up?


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