Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gleek Peek: Sectionals and Christmas

I'll admit it... even in Hawaii, I wanted to get my Gleek on.  So of course, I DVRed the Sectionals and Christmas episodes to watch when I got home!  I even psyched myself up by watching the Glee 3D Concert Movie on the plane, and listening to the new Christmas album!

The Sectionals episode was pretty good, especially performance-wise.  I didn't feel like New Directions was stronger than the TroubleTones, or even the Unitards (with reappearance of Harmony, the 'Gerber baby')... the Michael Jackson tribute was sweet, but the other groups really rocked! I'm glad that Quinn came around, and that New Directions is reunited.  But that's Glee for you, completely implausible but enjoyable!

As for the Christmas episode, I loved it like I loved last year's!  I really enjoyed the retro Christmas TV special (of course!) and the songs.  It's just a warmhearted episode, as Glee's Christmas specials have come to be.

So download some of these latest songs, and buy the albums for the special Gleek in your family!

Songs I'll Download:  "Buenos Aires", "Survivor/I Will Survive", "ABC", "Man in the Mirror", ALL the Christmas songs!

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