Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas caroling

It's hard for me to get into a real Christmas spirit in the South...  don't get me wrong, there are Christmas decorations and happenings going on all the time in December!  But with the weather, it just doesn't feel cold enough to be the holidays.  We rarely ever see even a hint of snow.

But last night, I am happy to report, it felt like Christmas.  My friend SB invited me to go to dinner and Christmas caroling with her church, and since I haven't had a busy work schedule, I drove out to join her. There were tons of people, mainly teens, and we went to houses of elderly church members and sang to them.  It was moving...  They were all in walkers or wheelchairs, and they seemed so happy and surprised to see us.  Some sang along with us, others sat quietly and teared up during favorite carols.  It was one of those feel-good moments, where something so simple as singing a song made a difference to someone.  One lady said it really felt like Christmas because we sang.  And that is a feeling I won't be forgetting anytime soon.  Thanks SB for reminding me what Christmas is all about!

Me & SB

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