Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Christmas Eve, to me, is not about the holidays... it's about my father.

Dad was Santa all along!
I have the Dad that every girl wishes they could have.  He is loving, honest, caring, warm, and supportive.  He told me funny stories about growing up on a farm.  He held my hand until I didn't want him to anymore.  If I played a sport, he coached it.  If I had a concert or recital or award ceremony, he was there being the loudest person in the audience.  (At times, embarrassingly loud!)  He would drive 15 hours straight to come see me at college.  If I needed something, he made sure that need was met... he even got me a few of the wants throughout the years.

My Dad is the most important man in my life.  Some people say that will change when you marry or have kids of your own, but I maintain that of any man in existence, he has had the most impact on my life and character.

Today is his birthday... this year AW and I bought him tickets to see his favorite singer, Garth Brooks, perform.  He'd never seen him live, not for all the years he sang us those country songs!  AW said he was smiling the entire concert; knowing we could give something back to him felt so incredibly good.  There's no way I could ever repay him for being the steadfast and phenomenal father he has for the past twenty-six years.

Happy birthday, Daddy!

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