Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thoughts on Pumpkin Pie...

Conversation with a group of friends on Facebook about my beloved Thanksgiving favorite, pumpkin pie:

Aubrey:  "Making another pumpkin pie, because mine has already disappeared... pumpkin's a vegetable, right? :)"

"Or is it a fruit?"

"Totally a vegetable, like squash! :) Plus, this weekend everyone gets a free eating pass."

Aubrey:  "It's a winter squash, and Wikipedia says squash are considered a vegetable in cooking, but botanically are fruits. So this TOTALLY counts as a zillion servings of fruits/veggies. :) Forget all the sugar and whatnot."

"I agree it should be counted both as a fruit and a vegetable simultaneously, for purposes of diet."

"I always make two at a time. My favorite pie."

Aubrey:  "I should have made two pies at once, but I live alone and didn't anticipate that I would pick off HALF A PIE in leftovers in two days... :) With whipped cream, of course!"

"I've discovered, by repeated experiment, that Reddi-Wip sprayed on top makes the entire pie disappear."

___________I love Pumpkin Pie.___________

Once, as a kid at Thanksgiving at Grandma's, I ate half a pumpkin pie all by myself. Tickled that I loved her pies so much, my Grandma would always bring an extra pie to family gatherings, specifically for me to 'hide' and take home. Then, when I went to West Point and into the Army, she would make a pumpkin pie for me every time I came home, even in the summer.

This is my favorite pie for a reason.

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