Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gleek Peek: First Time

Oh, I loved this most recent episode!  When I react out loud to scenes, whether I want things to happen a certain way or not, I know it's a great show.

This episode of Glee was particularly controversial, because it had to do with two relationships (Kurt/Blaine, Rachel/Finn) taking a big step... I think you get the idea.

Overall, I wasn't a huge fan of the music, but then again I was never a huge West Side Story fan.  I did like the back and forth during Santana singing 'A Boy Like That' where we meet Sebastian, the gay jerk trying to tempt Blaine away from my beloved Kurt.   I also didn't really like the premise that Rachel wanted to lose her virginity to 'act better' and relate to her character of Maria.  Silly, but I think it was resolved well.  I could relate to Finn's frustration at finding his football career doesn't really have legs to last post-high school, because it's so much more realistic.  All of the characters were more relatable... we even learned more about Artie and saw Mike's parental conflict again.

The conflict between the two competing McKinley glee clubs was completed ignored in this episode... I don't think I saw Mercedes at all.

But the BEST part?  Coach Beiste in love!!!  I love it!!!  It was so sweet and had me absolutely gushing.  The love interest they've chosen for her (a football recruiter) is a perfect match, and her crush on him plus her awkwardness towards his advances was hysterical.  I can't wait to see more!

I really thin Glee's third season is finally living up to what it was the first season.  They faltered for a bit, but we're getting back on track!

Songs I'll download:  "Uptown Girl"

P.S.  Those kiddos on The Sing-Off need to take a look at the Warblers doing Billy Joel and learn a thing or two!

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  1. I actually watched this last night (my girlfriend made me). Nothing makes sense :/ I mean, maybe I'm not in touch with my feelings or something, but that guy bawling over football AND singing seems a bit extreme. Given, they ARE in High School, and teenagers in High School are the epitome of the emotional roller coaster (me being the exception, of course :P). But for me it was, "Art isn't a viable option for me, I shall join the Army and go to college and find out what I want". The change was a little worrisome, but I didn't cry about it.


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