Monday, November 7, 2011

Hot Dog Rice Bowl

My bowl!
You're probably thinking, "Huh?"

This is my way of using up 'leftovers' around the house.  What do you do when you have two random hot dogs, a tiny smidge of ketchup, some old rice, and some eggs in the fridge?  BINGO!

There are some things that I eat that other people find to be disgusting.  Spam, for one.  Hot dogs, perhaps!  (I personally hate vegetables, and think they are gross; so you are entitled to your own tastes.)

But hot dog rice bowls are more popular than you might think!  Similar to the rice bowls of Japan (donburi) or a Thai 'American' fried rice, it's an easy way to cook up a quick meal and use up leftovers... like hot dogs.

I've done this with Spam and soy sauce, but this time I used hot dogs and a little bit of ketchup for color/sweetness.  I took a frying pan and tossed in the sliced hot dog, then added two scrambled eggs to fry.  Then I tossed in a cup or two of my rice (even better if it's day-old) and the squirt of ketchup and chopped/mixed it all up as it cooked.  Fast, delicious, and my fridge is minus a few randoms!

Here's a recipe I found online for a hot dog rice bowl, if you want a more donburi version, and another if you are more into the American fried rice.  My Mom takes hot dogs and fried egg and makes them into Korean kimbap for me.  This combo has been a part of my life for ages!  It also reminds me of loco moco, Hawaii style.

P.S.  Even Rachael Ray has a Hot Dog Rice Bowl recipe.  Told you it's becoming mainstream!

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