Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kindle Touch

I have had a Kindle since its 2nd Generation model in 2009.  Its original model was one of Oprah's favorite things, and even in this world of smartphones and tablets, it is still one of MY favorite things.

I've had my eye on a new Kindle for a while, because I could see the improvements in it...  clearer e-ink, larger screen, smaller/thinner body, faster page turns, better interface.  But my Kindle 2 was still kicking and I couldn't justify the purchase.

A lot of people have been talking about the Kindle Fire, Amazon's new tablet.  But I just don't consider it to be a true 'Kindle' e-book reader.  It's a tablet, it's backlit, and you can watch movies on it.  I love my quiet Kindle, how it rarely needs charging, how it lets me read books without bells and whistles.  I don't get eye strain because it's not a glaring screen; it mimics a page.  I don't read books on my laptop or iPhone.  I love my Kindle.

Back in 2009, I paid almost $300 for my first e-reader, but it paid for itself in savings on the books I bought through Amazon.  It made me a convert, even as a former library employee and lover of old, smelly books.  But now you can get a Kindle for under $100.  Brilliant.

So I bought the Kindle Touch for $99, and I love it.  Its size is awesome, and I can toss it into a purse easily.  It took me a little while to pick up how to navigate the touchscreen, but it is sensitive enough to work well, and I notice the improved speed.  I have already read three books on it in 48 hours; it inspires me to read more, like my first Kindle did!  It's be latest gadget and beloved toy.  Even if I get an iPad, I'll still read on my Kindle.  It's light, soft, and not flashy.  And I like it that way.

My old Kindle is still on my account, so I gave it to my Mom so she could read all of my books.  I'm passing on the love for Kindle to another.  It will continue to be loved!

P.S.  My ONE gripe about the new Kindle Touch?  It only comes with a USB charger, without the additional clip-on charger for an outlet.  BOO.  You'd have to pay an additional $10 for the power adaptor.  Come on, Amazon.


  1. I asked for a Kindle for Christmas, namely the Touch because it's getting cheaper and while the Fire would be nice, but I want an e-reader to read books and textbooks! My mom doesn't really understand this sentiment though..it's so aggravating! I just want something to read books on, if I wanted an iPad I would have asked for one of those! Grr plus I was trying to be easy on my mom's wallet so ya know, you'd think that'd get it for sure. We shall see Christmas morning.

  2. Exactly, Nicole! I can't read extensively on something that is backlit. I would like an iPad for Christmas, but for completely different purposes.

    Show your Mom my review of the Kindle Fire! :)


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