Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gleek Peek: I Kissed a Girl

I love me some Santana snark!  Everything she says has a hilarious bite.

But even more so, I loved everyone banding together to support Santana after she was so abruptly outed last episode.  I actually really liked Blaine and Kurt's rendition of P!nk's "Perfect"; so sweet, and they do really well together in duets.  I think Puck's solos lately have been kind of... blah.  I just don't get into them; nothing has compared to "Only the Good Die Young" in my mind!  Give him better songs!  Finn's slow, sad "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" was really moving.  I don't usually like his songs, but this was such a neat interpretation.

I'm also a Coach Beiste fan, and watching her battle over a guy with Sue is simultaneously tough and hilarious.  It was nice to hear her sing, and I love when characters sing during a 'real-life' montage.  It's more emotionally loaded than a big produced number, and it makes me wish real life was like a musical!

I still think this Puck/Shelby/Quinn stuff is far-fetched and WEIRD.  Quinn trying to seduce Puck was pathetic, and I'm glad Puck called her out for being a psycho.  "I'd rather raw dog a beehive"?!  Priceless.

Favorite moment was the girls coming to Santana's defense, giving an awesome "I Kissed a Girl" rendition.  I love Katy Perry, and Katy Perry + Glee is the bomb!  Her grandmother's reaction, however, was heartbreaking.  Overall this was a decent episode, even though I thought a few of the songs were lackluster.  And it's definitely going to be interesting since Rachel is banned from Sectionals... can't wait for next week!

In other Glee news, I've downloaded their latest Christmas album, and once again it's a HIT!  Add it to your Christmas list; it makes me entire house feel festive.

Songs I'll Download:  "Perfect", "I Kissed A Girl"


  1. I kind of wished that Rachel wasn't a main part of I Kissed a Girl. I don't know why but her singing bothered me in that song. I agree about the whole Shelby/Puck/Quinn thing though... especially since Puck told Quinn - is he stupid???

  2. Lacey, I agree. It should have been Brittany/Santana instead of Rachel/Santana, but they could have featured Rachel's voice still.

    Puck IS stupid... and Quinn is a psycho. I believe it's all a setup because Idina Menzel isn't a series regular and they have to give her an exit. She'll get caught and be kicked out of McKinley, then the two glee clubs will combine to kick butt at Regionals. Prediction complete!


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