Saturday, April 16, 2011

Show me the money!

Today was the local area yard sale day, and I was fortunate enough to score some prime real estate to sell the things collecting dust in my house! (Thanks to CH for letting me share her driveway!) I started super early, literally scavenging the closets and cabinets of my house for things to sell.My goal was to sell everything I could, with the leftover items going to Goodwill, and possibly finding a cake stand. I've been browsing cake stands for a while now online, but I couldn't find an adorable one that I really wanted for a good price.

Well, today I scored big time! Not only did I make $150 and sell nearly all of my items, but CH was selling an ADORABLE cake stand and gave it to me for FREE. It's so cute and retro.

I know I talked before about wanting a new kitchen trash can, which I was saving for by couponing when I grocery shop. Well, on my way home from the yard sale I bought one! Contrary to popular belief, nice trash cans do NOT come cheap. I bought a Canopy brand one at Wal-Mart, stainless steel, and I love it. It was totally worth the money I paid, and I have plenty left over to cover my groceries for the upcoming weeks.

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Cally likes the new trashcan. :)


  1. We have the same garbage can and LOVE it. We literally went through like 7 crappy ones and finally decided to spend the money and get the good one! All our old ones gave me so many headaches over the years that this nice one makes me so happy!

  2. You know, the lady at the checkout counter was (rudely) astounded that I would pay so much for a trashcan, but this one is SO much better... my cheap old one REEKED every time anything relatively smelly was in it, the bags wouldn't stay put, and it was white and got grossly dirty all the time.

    I'm happy with this one. :)


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