Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gimme gimme gimme.

So, I've kept to my promise of not buying any more clothes/shoes/etc. until I've worn everything at least once. It's been a challenge, but I've stuck to my guns! I know it sounds super lame, but it makes me think every day about what I'm going to wear, so I can incorporate things I've never worn before into an outfit. Sometimes I'm actually pleasantly surprised!

That being said, every paycheck I've been buying something small that I want/need for the house. I already blogged about my practical birthday gifts, my new trashcan, and cake stand. But now, with a week before payday, I'm finding myself looking at the things I'd like... even though they are wants not needs!
Corelle Paper Shadows Dinnerware Set, $70. I have a Corelle set, but it is plain white with some black sketch patterns... I want something a bit more girly, and this reminds me of the colorful sofas I've bought. It fits my personality... but I think I need to sell my other set to make room for these.
Natural Square Folding Wood Bistro Set, $129. This whole set folds up, and would be perfect for my back "deck" (i.e. concrete slab). It would be a great excuse to eat/read outside, right? And this price makes it less than the countless Craigslist sets I've been hunting for.

Cuisinart Smart Power Duet Blender/Food Processor, $80. My blender is garbage. It looks nice, but I couldn't even get it to puree strawberries. I should have ditched it in the yard sale! I tend to use my little Cuisinart mini-chopper for everything; it's powerful and quick, but its capacity is too small for a big job. I found this blender/food processor duo online, and I love that I can basically get two appliances in one. It doesn't even take up that much counter space.

So... what should I get? Any? All? Not all at once, of course, but these are what I have my eye on lately.

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  1. i know this is a little delayed, but i vote for either the cuisinart (can you ever have too many kitchen appliances??) or the dish set (too cute!!!). considering that you seemingly need a new blender & a larger food processor, i say the cuisinart is a "need" not a "want" ;).


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