Friday, April 22, 2011

Food lately...

I haven't posted about food in a little while, but I assure you I've been cooking a few things!

The other day was my coworker's birthday, and since he has a Nikon D300 that he loves, I carved a little cake for him. I am NOT a cake decorator! I can bake, but I have no decorating skills... hence my love for cupcakes. But I did it nonetheless.

I also tried a "healthier" burger recipe that I found in Martha Stewart's Everyday Food magazine, Mediterranean Chickpea Burgers. They are definitely something else... not the juicy burger than I love, but something different to try. The chickpeas and bulgur made it very filling, and this burger would be excellent if made with ground lamb instead of beef.

A recipe I attempted that I really liked was Cluck à l’Orange, a recipe from Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine. It was a DELICIOUS weeknight meal, and something with an easy sauce I can make again and again. Definitely worth a try, because the sweet sauce over the chicken breast is perfect, and since you don't use heavy breading on the chicken it is actually pretty healthy recipe.


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