Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding!

I haven't blogged about William & Kate (excuse me, Prince William & Catherine, Duke & Duchess of Cambridge!) since their engagement, but I HAD to join the hubbub surrounding the Royal Wedding this morning in London. I feel like the only person who's been waiting for this event as long as I have is Kate herself! I have been following their relationship for almost a decade now, as creepy as it sounds, and I was in love with this wedding.

First off, the DRESS. Love the dress from Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. Everyone remarked on its resemblance to Princess Grace of Monaco's wedding dress. It was SUCH an appropriate choice, both the lace and the deep V-neck. I also LOVED the Cartier tiara, with her hair cascading down. It was both understated and fitting, because it wasn't overwhelming on her. She was beautiful in her own right, not just totally adorned. And I heard she did her own makeup! I feel like she embraced the 'blushing bride' modesty, and everyone agrees it was stunning.

Next up, the rest of the bridal party. LOVE that Prince William chose the Irish uniform, because the red was awesome. Next, Pippa Middleton's Alexander McQueen dress was almost as gorgeous as the bride's dress! Both of the sisters are stunning, and I think Pippa wore that dress like a model. (I'd get married in HER dress!) Last for the bridal party, Carole Middleton's hat and outfit were so pretty and appropriate as well.

Lastly, THE HATS. Oh, the hats! Some of them I hated (sorry, Princess Beatrice) but some were AWESOME. I kind of wish the hat thing were bigger in the U.S., outside of the Kentucky Derby. As I said before, I loved Carole Middleton's powder blue hat, as well as Princess Letizia of Spain's more traditional-looking pink hat. There were some crazy ones out there, but even some of the more modern ones looked cool (like Victoria Beckham's.)

On a side note, David Beckham looked AMAZING. Seriously, Google it. And print it. And frame it. And look at it every day.

(All photos are from ABC News' website! It was SO hard to choose which ones to use.)

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  1. Kate and Pippa, goodness gracious can you say great genetics?! Absolutely beautiful women!


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