Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sewing Machine Cozy

After reading a "crafty" shoutout on my friend JT's blog, I realized I haven't sewn anything since my St. Patrick's Day dress. Looking at my scrap fabric, I decided to thread the machine and see what I could come up with on a weeknight. (I should be studying for the GMAT, however this was a great opportunity to procrastinate!)

I had some thin pink cotton from my Mom, and some scraps from my very first sewing project. So I decided to attempt a free pattern from Spool that my friend CM sent me to try. After all, I didn't have anything protecting my machine from dust. An hour later, VOILA! My sewing machine cozy is complete.

The fabric is a bit see-through, but I was too lazy to make multiple layers. I used my rotary cutter for the first time, and I can definitely see how it will be a valuable tool. I think the decorate scrap patches are cute, though I would like to learn to applique like CM does! Also, I shouldn't sew while watching Sex & the City because I don't really pay attention to what I'm doing...

All in all, not too shabby for an hour's effort with some fabric scraps on a Tuesday night. Got to keep myself in practice!

1 comment:

  1. Super cute! I love mixing crazy patterns together. My machine sort of births and then consumes itself into a table, so no cute cover for me.


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