Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Baking: Christmas Gifts!

I decided that this year I would give some edible goodies to my friends/coworkers for Christmas, because you know home-baked treats are one of the best gifts! In addition to my red velvet cookies, I made sugar cookies decorated with royal icing (Martha Stewart's recipe) and Whiskey Cakes (BakedBree's recipe). For the whiskey cakes, I used Maker's Mark bourbon instead of Southern Comfort, since Maker's seems to be a favorite of my friends. And, for the record, the liquor does NOT bake off and there's a ton in the frosting. So don't feed it to kids unless you want them to sleep well that night. :)

I found cute little Christmas "takeout" boxes at Target, and wrapped the cakes in plastic with red/green ribbon.

After all that baking, I had big plans to make another new recipe for dinner tonight, but I think we're ordering pizza instead. After spending half the day on my feet in the kitchen, and the dirty dishes that followed, I'm exhausted. But I'm loving the results! Can't wait to take these to work on Monday.



  1. You are amazing. This stuff looks AWESOME!!!

  2. @Molly, I hope you and Greg like the bourbon cake!!!


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