Monday, December 27, 2010

B-town Roundup

I loved my trip home! I just felt like I had the Christmas spirit all around me the whole time. There were so many wonderful things to love about it...

-Nick's English Hut, Yogi's, Lennie's, and Serendipity with old friends, including some Upland Wheat Ale like a good townie
-Cally the cat's 15th Christmas with our family, sitting under the tree just like when we got her for Christmas '96
-listening to Mom and Dad be hilarious, as usual
-FAMILY. Seeing everyone after so long away was wonderful. I'm so lucky to have so much family to fill my life with love.
-Having none of the lottery tickets I got for Christmas be winners... I already spent my luck getting home!
-Two words: Spam Musubi
-Oliver Winery wines... Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Chambourcin
-FOOD... all the favorites for the holidays, in Midwest-sized portions
-Presents! Sweaters, accessories, a SEWING BASKET, lots of things I love!
-celebrating Dad's birthday by watching True Grit, because Dad loves a western and Mom loves Matt Damon
-getting my butt kicked in Jazzercise with Mom
-celebrating JM's 28th birthday with Funfetti cake (I can make cakes from scratch, but that's what he wants)
-watching the snow fall, big and fluffy, just in time for a White Christmas!
-buying my first sewing patterns
-shopping with Amy and Mom, a Williams family tradition every time I come home

Every time I come home, I want to stay longer.


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