Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sewing Lessons!

I had my sewing lesson at Fabrika Fabrics in Savannah yesterday, and I am SO glad that I took the class! I knew from the moment I walked into the cozy little shop that I had found the right place to learn to sew. I loved the all-natural, colorful fabrics that they had there, and the retro-inspired patterns and all-around cuteness all over. I wanted to learn to sew with the goal of eventually sewing some of my own clothes, but I needed a class to tell me whether or not it would be something I could get into without the cost of investing in a machine and accessories.

My instructor and one of the shop's owners, Emily, started me off with the very basics: learning to thread the machine. It was a bit intimidating to me, with all the steps, and one of the things I was the most concerned about. But she made it easy, and in the end I felt comfortable with it. She had me practice sewing straight lines, then pivoting, then curved lines, then a myriad of stitching patterns resembling a sewing obstacle course.

Next, we went downstairs to choose fabrics (LOVED this part!) for the tote bag I would be making. She showed me how to cut the pieces, pin the material, and do everything I needed to create my bag. Despite the small imperfections I can see, I am SO happy with the finished product! It's a tote (with small interior pocket) that I love and as dorky as it sounds, I'm proud of it.

After the class, I ordered my first sewing machine (very similar to the one I learned on!), and I cannot wait for it to get here. Emily suggested I start with a skirt as my first clothing item, which is very exciting as I would love to be able to make some fun, patterned skirts. My big goal, which Emily says is achievable, is to make a Hawaiian-print halter dress to wear to my friend LC's Polynesian-themed rehearsal dinner. Wish me luck!


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