Monday, December 13, 2010

A Gleek Peek: "A Very Glee Christmas"

I know I'm way late in my review of the latest Glee episode, but since there won't be a new one until February, I figured I had a little time. I've been relaxing at home and only blogging minimally, but I'm feeling ready to get back in the game!

The latest Glee episode is the Christmas episode, filled with songs that I love from the Glee Christmas album! I really liked this episode, especially coming off the heels of one that I didn't care for so much. I'm a sucker for cheesy Christmas songs, and I even enjoyed the storyline of Brittany's quest to help Artie walk through her belief in Santa Claus. Sue's Grinch storyline was great too, as she is the quintessential Grinch of McKinley High. I really felt like it was tied together well, and the old spirit of Glee was there for me in the way the kids were all close and working together for something good, unlike the way they were for Sectionals.

As for the music, I loved it all. But today I will leave you with Rachel singing "Merry Christmas Darling," a song that is so sweet you'll want to play it on repeat as you're curled up on the couch by the fire drinking your cocoa.


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