Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Le Sel

I will tell you, one of the perks of work is the occasional corporate dinner; you know, where you're taken someplace nice and delicious and not on your own dime.  And then you snap sneaky food photos of it while trying to "be cool" and not look like a weirdo...

I was blessed the opportunity to eat at Le Sel, the French-inspired (someone said New French, I don't know what that means) restaurant at the base of the Adelicia building in Midtown Nashville.  I arrived early and enjoyed a delicious drink in The Bar on their lower level.  It was a smart move; I ordered the Mercédés with gin, a cocktail with lemon, spiced pear, grapefruit, and elderflower.  (Have you sensed a theme lately, if you follow my cocktail trends?  Gin, grapefruit, elderflower...  LOL)  It was delicious.

But for dinner, it was on to the upstairs.  I love the look of the restaurant, and its bar below.  Lots of pink, black, and white...  It's the kind of place you'd want to take your girlfriends for a fancy dinner or night out.  The decor is beautiful, and they handled our larger group very well. They even had their sommelier come around to help us pick out some delicious wine.

Restaurant and Bar

The Bar (lower level)

We ordered a number of appetizers, but two stuck out to me: the pate and the burrata. (Note, they do print their menu based on the season, even daily as of my last visit.  So these options may not be available to you, but similar things could be!)

Pate is one of those things that people love or hate.  It's something that I didn't appreciate much, even when I was living in France, until now!  The pate at Le Sel was excellent, and I'd order it again and again.  So smooth, perfect on toast, and something that I'd eat every day if I could.

The housemade burrata was also delicious, especially with a little olive oil.  I'm lactose intolerant, but sometimes there are things worth the pain... and this is one of them!  Definitely tasty and worth ordering.

As for my main dish?  I must admit I was feeling kind of, well, basic that night in terms of being adventurous for my pick.  Therefore, I was craving steak frites... and these were so good!  Skinny, crispy fries, steak perfectly cooked, exactly what I was craving.  Doesn't it look divine?  I also think that when a restaurant can do the basics really well, it shows how good they are.  Fries are definitely a sort of benchmark for me at restaurants, even fancy ones, because they're seemingly simple but could go so wrong.  And steak of course, another one that can tell you whether they know what they're doing.

We ordered desserts to share, again something they change out quite a bit.  We had their version of a chocolate truffle and eclair, delicious sorbets, some kind of panna cotta, and of course some creme brulee.  By then, the wine was making me a little warm and fuzzy, so I can't recall my favorite of the night.  But I got pictures, for you to enjoy.

Overall, I'd come back to Le Sel.  There are a lot of fine dining places in Nashville, so I want to work my way around them first, but this is definitely one I'll keep in my bookmarks in Yelp.  Even if it's just for a cocktail!

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