Friday, May 20, 2016


My coworkers have been talking about Etch for a minute, so I've been wanting to go!  It's located downtown, next to the Country Music Hall of Fame, Schermerhorn, all that stuff.  I recommend a reservation, but also sitting at the bar overlooking their kitchen if you have that opportunity.  It's a bustling place, with a great selection.

We ordered a few appetizers.  One of my favorites was the butter tasting, which had rolls and baguette served with a medley of butters.  Dan loved the one that was flavored like a potato chip, and I loved the one that was like an Italian sub.  It's hard to describe them eloquently, looking back, but they were smooth and delicious and fun.

We also ordered their Roasted Cauliflower (one thing they're definitely known for) and the Lamb Frites.  I'm not big on lamb, but Dan loved it, and I did try some.  Tasty!  As for the cauliflower, it was pretty good and I don't even usually like the stuff.  I've heard some people come here just for the appetizers!

For my main course, I had a delicious ahi tuna.  It was their special that day, and it had a mix of vegetables, a puree of some kind of rice and other things that was smooth as hummus, and it was all so fresh and plated beautifully.

Dan has the grilled lamb loin, served with feta filo clutch, pomegranate walnut sauce, lemon black olive tapenade, confit pearl onions, Tunisian poached apricots, mint relish, grilled okra.  Isn't the plating just so colorful and delicious?

My mother-in-law had the grilled filet, cabernet sauce, horseradish & caramelized onion tart, parmesan, broccoli, mustard seed tarragon butter.  I sampled a bit, and it was delicious too!

Overall, the service and meal we received at Etch was excellent.  While I felt like the entrees were overpriced (for comparable meals in Nashville, anyways) the appetizers were outstanding.  I'd go back with friends and order all of the appetizers, tapas-style and share those for a great night out!

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