Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday Lately: Updating, Remembering, Needing, Wearing, Being

Is it Sunday again already?  I was in Orlando all week for a work expo/conference, so it feels like this weekend was long-awaited and super fast all at the same time.  I've decided that random photos that don't belong in other blog posts can land here, so you're blessed with that (sarcasm).

Lately, I'm updating my blog by actually writing!  I have posted queued up so that I can be more regular about checking in.  I've also started using consistent filters on Instagram so things look more cohesive, as I've read that's a thing to do.  Overall, I'm trying to be a better blogger!

To laugh.  When I saw this giant Rice Krispies treat in a grocery store, I couldn't help but take a ridiculous selfie.

A drink.  One a day, like a vitamin.  Hence I look in my Instagram feed and find that I've paired champagne and a biscuit at some point.  And also chugged a drink poolside seated next to my suitcase before leaving Florida.

The spoils of my retail therapy!  My friend ML and I hit the Orlando outlets this week, and I'm in love with my new pair of flats from Kate Spade.  And my phone is wearing a new outfit too from the same store! LOL

A responsible gun owner.  I know this photo may turn some people off, and I may lose followers for it.  As a card-carrying social liberal, people may think it's off-brand; but I believe in background checks!  It took me the same amount of time to purchase a gun as a gel manicure, basically. Scary.

But I've been looking for a hobby that Dan and I can share together, and shooting ranges have shown to be something we both enjoy!  We are both military veterans who have served in Iraq, so we spent a lot of time in our young lives on ranges and learning muscle-memory weapons safety.  Safety is first, so I took a women's basic pistol class beforehand too.  I am now the owner of a target-shooting gun, a used Walther P22.  I think I'd like a 9MM for home security, but for ranges, this one is really fun.  Tiny bullets mean cheap ammo and not a lot of recoil, perfect for handgun beginners.

What are you up to this Sunday?

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