Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Review: Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+ and Precision Brow Liner

Last year, I purchased some Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes, and I really loved them.  But since you're not supposed to keep mascara for more than three months (and I keep mine more like six months), when my friend told me they'd enhanced their product, I was game to try it!

Disclosure:  I purchased these items on my own, without discount.  I do not sell for Younique!
Therefore, my opinions are my own.

First off, they've changed the packaging pretty significantly from my last kit.  The box is sexy, and I didn't mind that they got rid of what I called the "glasses case" from before; I never carried that with me anyways.  The two tubes came with instructions and a button pouch.  I really love the new tube design, which has a plastic that provides a better grip.  I found that it made application even easier.

Overall, I used the same method that I have for the old 3D Lashes.  I apply the mascara to one eye, then the fibers to that same eye, then follow up with the mascara again.  I do one eye at a time, unlike how people usually apply traditional mascara.  I found the results for length were just as good with 3D lashes+.

I also found that this new version held better; in the past, I would blink off some of the fibers and have to check myself in the mirror before leaving the house.  I wore these to an evening event, and I didn't have "raccoon eyes" throughout.  I really think this is a better overall product, and does the job better than any other mascara I've used for myself.  It costs $29.

In addition to the 3D Fiber Lashes+, I also purchased the Precision Brow Liner.  I chose the darkest color for my brows.  A brow pencil is a must for me; most Asian women I know lack thick eyebrows.  Many of them get brows lightly tattooed on!!!  But for me, a brow pencil does the trick.  I've been using Billion Dollar Brows religiously, because their "universal" color works for me and was super easy to use.  I had no reason to try something different other than it was time to buy a new one!

I found that I actually liked the Moodstruck liner much better!  Both pencils have a brush for brows, but the Moodstruck Precision Eye Liner puts the emphasis on precision.  The pencil is thin, but that makes every stroke basically like drawing actual hairs.  I also liked that the color was closer to my own hair color.  I was very impressed overall, and I think it will be my new go-to pencil from now on!  It costs $19, about the same as my other pencil.

Overall, I think both of these products were worth the purchase, and I will likely continue to buy them in the future once they are empty.  That's the seal of approval from me!

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