Saturday, March 26, 2016

Adele's Nashville

When my friend Lindsey and I decided to get our guys and head to brunch for a delicious double date, we were looking for something that allowed for our different dietary habits...  and sometimes, despite the temptation towards larger portions, a good buffet can be the answer to please a group!  I was looking for someplace that took reservations, so we landed on Adele's Nashville, a restaurant by Jonathan Waxman.  Waxman is a James Beard nominee and competitor from Top Chef Masters, adding another great name to the scene in Nashville!

Adele's got off to a rocky start for me...  to park in the lot adjacent to the restaurant, I had to use the valet.  But the lot was empty, and the valet drove the car like two spaces down and parked it.  I would later have to wait a ridiculous amount of time for said car to be retrieved despite being able to see it from the door; it was downright comical. (Didn't help that Dan hates valet, and I love it...  hurts my case when he witnesses this buffoonery.)

In addition, we had to wait probably 5-7 minutes for the hostess to acknowledge us, because of a busy phone and them dealing with a lady with a cake or something.  We stood there for quite a while before we could be seated.  But everything was smoother after that!

Adele's looks like it's set in an old car garage, and I like it.  I like any kind of repurposed, hipster-ized building these days!  The concrete floors and metal bar stools, glass garage doors, and more... excellent.  And the dining tables and chairs were so stylish, I would put them in my own home!

The buffet had a ton of options... charcuterie, biscuits, eggs, carving station, veggies, fruits, granola, French toast... and then there was a pudding and pastry table too.  Overall, it was really good, probably competitive in my regard with the buffet at Omni's Kitchen Notes.  (In case you're curious, the buffet was $23/pp.)  The biscuits and banana pudding weren't my favorites, but the rest of the selection made up for it.  I highly recommend the eggs and the French toast, which may sound basic, but if you can nail those things as the foundation of a good brunch, the house will be great too!  (And in this case, it is.)

I thought the bar was beautiful.  Dan had a beer, and I had a pineapple juice mimosa.  I'd love to come to see what Adele's offers for cocktails and dinner, too!

Here's a peek at some stuff I put on my plate.  Wasn't that tiny little skillet the cutest?  It had eggs and polenta and some other goodies too.  couldn't resist its siren call.  Our service was great too, very attentive!

Overall, Adele's was a great place to have brunch.  The tables and restaurant give enough space to not feel crowded, the food was delicious, and it's pretty easy access for a Gulch restaurant.  I love that they allow reservations, so if I ever have houseguests I can guarantee them a good brunch somewhere vs. risking 30-90 minutes in line someplace else.

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